Profile of Taylor Marsh during the 2008 primary season.

Profile of Taylor Marsh during the 2008 primary season.

“I am just reviled everywhere,” [Taylor Marsh] declares with more than a hint of pride.”

The New Republic profile, “The Hugh Hefner of Politics,” June 2008


“You are despicable. This Grab ’em by the pussy comment was made over 12 friggin years ago. Fuckin deal with it, move on, find a new subject that is current. Man, I could love to find something out about you from a decade ago and keep harping on it and bringing it up like it was yesterday. But, unlike you, I would not shame or ridicule you for a lapse in judgement, especially after that much time has passed. Barron wasnt born yet. So much life has passed. You are worse of a person today than he ws 12 years ago. So….SUCK IT!!” – Tracie Ferron [January 17, 2017]

From someone who preferred to stay anonymous:

…You [sic] website crawls with stupid, narcisstic [sic] drivel that is of interest only to a urinal; so please, please flush away baby. [January, 2014]

From Rosemarie C., who didn’t like this column at all.

“Why should anyone listen to you. You are nothing more than a cheap hack, arm of the Dem Lib propaganda machine.” (May 30, 2012)

Apropos of nothing, on a fine spring April Monday…

“YOU ARE PSYCHOTIC! Get psychiatric help YOU NEED IT BADLY.” – Gary C. (April 16, 2012)

Reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit of some out on the Internets. In response to my column on the Hilary Rosen – Ann Romney mommy war, people went berserk. Quoting my piece in an email, “Tim H.” just didn’t get it.

“The sacrifice to her health and longevity for over-extending will be an issue she and Mitt Romney struggle with throughout the 2012 campaign. It’s another job she’s taken on for which she’ll only get grief.” my god – what is wrong with you? – Tim H (April 13, 2012)

Religious conservative men hate liberal women. The mommy war between Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney gave them a chance to vent:

Hilary Rosen is another joke from the left. Some strategist! Did you get your education from the bottom of a trash can? Your comments show your ignorance. Women who are mothers most likely recognize that their children are their number one responsibility. Keep working and keep raising your children, but pray to God that you get your mind clear. Leave women alone who have chosen the greatest job on earth – being a mother and taking care of their children. Just because you work and have children, does not make you any better or any worse than the next person. God is the only judge. Take some time off and figure it out.

This one speaks for itself: “You Clintonistas are full of s*#!” (October 18, 2011)

After the Arizona domestic terrorism tragedy, former governor Sarah Palin’s crosshairs targeting poster that specifically named Rep. Giffords became a topic of debate. Palin’s devotees having called me “fair” now decided that because I honestly criticized Sarah when it was due I wasn’t actually fair at all. Ironic considering I’ve been one of the only objective people on the Left writing about Palin, but who also gave her the credit deserved, including a 2010 TIME magazine “Person of the Year” nod. One email I received:

Taylor you are a low life to talk the way you do and have a hatred for Sarah Palin. – Barbara Lay, Houston, TX

Obama fan boys don’t take criticism of Pres. Obama well. Unfortunately, since I began reporting on Obama in 2007, who absolutely has amazing political talents, everything I’ve written and warned about the way he would lead as President has manifested. This pisses people off, but they can’t ever seem to make a case, instead choosing to use race baiting as a weapon to smear. It’s sad. Pres. Obama is admirable in many ways, but he’s doing real damage to the Democratic brand, which I intend to keep writing about, because it’s the biggest story of his presidency to date.

“… You despise Obama because he is not White. …” – Peter M (New Year’s Eve, 2010)

Juan Williams gets fired for his Islamophobia, which brought out the wingnuts when I called him on it: “Taylor, you’re the idiot, not Mr. Williams! I hope Juan gets his own show on Fox. The Muslims want to rid themselves from all other competitive religions. Over time, they will most likely suceed (sic) because of far left looney (sic) tunes like you. The muslim population is growing exponentially, particularly in Eurpope (sic) where the population is expected to be 50% muslim by 2025.”

When I came to the defense of First Lady Michelle Obama (cross-posted on HuffingtonPost) in August 2010, after Mort Zuckerman’s rag did a right-wing hit piece on her, heads exploded. When you read this one you’ll understand why the picture on this page is of me laughing out loud. Screeds like this one are priceless:

“Taylor, I never heard of you before. But you just one of the thousands of stupid elitist media whores out there, pimping for that fat Nazi bitch Michelle. Spare us already!” – Stan Lippmann

Rand Paul supporters were more than a little upset when I helped break out the story on Randgate, also at Huffington Post, which Rachel Maddow put over the top. Below is just one pissed of person from Randworld, who invokes the “fetishization of the Civil Rights Movement”:

“You have alot of nerve attacking a libertarian for being cautious in using government to attack private property rights. Even if one believes that there may be instances in which laws banning private discrimination are a regretable neccesity, they should have been adopted with fear and trepidation. The Fetishization of the Civil Rights Movement has gone on long enough. I’m glad there is someone that recognizes that. For someone like yourself to bandy about words like “discrimination” and “bigotry” while slaughtering unborn children(and forcing others to pay for it)is the height of hypocrisy. And as far as the current resident of the White House is concerned, I would gladly discriminate against him in business and it would not have anything to do with the color of his skin…..” – R. Simmons

As 2010 began, “Sopranos” creator David Chase, after reading my Huffington Post “Best and Worst, from Sarah Palin to the Sopranos,” which covered the decade and the year, sent me a letter about my review of the “Sopranos” ending. The “Sopranos” critique came under: Biggest audience “screw you” of the decade. However, David Chase didn’t just write me a letter. He also enclosed the complete boxed DVD set of the “Sopranos” series! I was stunned, as I told Mr. Chase in my heart felt response and “thank you,” because I loved the “Sopranos,” minus the ending. As you will see if you view the posts, here and here, I have also corrected the mistake he mentions below (I’ve traveled Italy and should know better). But it was his note that really said what was on his mind, the quotes below taken from my review on his final “Sopranos” ending. Chase’s letter to me is definitely not “hate mail,” but it needs to be entered into the record for posterity, because it’s the classiest “f— you!” I’ve ever received, as I told him when I wrote him back.

Dear Ms. Marsh,

You should really have this. Our fans fortunately bought so many of these — despite the recession and the continuing worldwide decline in DVD sales — that we are able to give away a few as gifts. We’re luck to have such fans. That’s we we tried to vividly entertain them right up to and past the last second of the show.

Happy New Year and best Regards! David Chase

PS – your idea for the ending was interesting but wouldn’t work. Furio — as well as the Soprano immigrant ancestors — came from Naples, not Sicily. An entire episode was devoted to these roots. The show actually traveled there to tell the story. This history was re-stated ad-nauseum (sic) as the series went on. It’s not a major distinction, except to Italian-Americans, but it just occurred to me that such a “lame ass, lazy” viewing as yours could well have been brought to bear on the final episode of the series, and to the episodes leading up to it, causing lack of comprehension. If that were the case, perhaps the DVDs could help. My personal advice would be not to bother. It’s a new decade. Onward and upward.

It may be 2010, but some of the Puma crew is clearly not moving on or letting go (the MSNBC spot to which this commenter referred is here): “Taylor how does it feel to be called a white bitch by Obama supporters after your appearance on MSNBC? All the obots are lashing sexist, disgusting names at you. And that’s the kind of people you wanted to be associate with. You’re getting karma ten fold my friend. Admit you were wrong, join forces with Hillary supporters who are true progressives to save any last ounce of dignity you have left.” “” PUMAShouldHaveVotedHC

The article I did on Huffington Post, “In Pelosi’s House, 64 Democrats Sell Women Out,” after the Stupak amendment passed brought a blizzard of email from across the spectrum.

I stopped reading your blog after you rallied for Obama. I became a PUMA. Because the dems sold women out when they Selected their corporate shill. – KarenJ

After your betrayal of Hillary Clinton, and your support of Bawack Abambi, you get what you deserve. You are a sellout too. Funny how things come back to haunt us; it’s never if; it’s just when and where. – Michael


After my Washington Journal appearance Sunday, October 18th, the hate mail came flowing in, though some simply are not printable. Thanks to all the people who contacted me, with the support far outweighing the “tea party activist”, as Peter from Washington Journal labeled them today, crowd:

“You are a f—ing douche bag…drop the f—-in laugh you asshole…you are what’s wrong with this country…you make me sick…” – Tony


“If you are not calling these scumbags fabian socialist like they are. Then you madam are a scumbag shill too. And when we arrest the scumbags and try them for treason, all the journalist that lied and went along to get along for that paycheck will be on trial as well. Just remember that.” – ST


Spring 2009, on Iran, this emailer not only hates me, but “ALL Americans.” Evidently linking to an MIT report from an esteemed expert on Iran was the breaking point: The fact is that NONE of you Americans know Iran and frankly your cockamamie extrapolations about Iran are tantamount to nothing more than 30 years of Iranian people’s misery. … THIS is why ALL Americans are disliked around the world…” – NZ

Election Day 2008… So many choices from my inbox: “You are a nut. You need to use more common sense.”I will buy you and your family a one way plane ticket out of Our Dear country.” – Nathanial, wingnut extraordinaire

State of the Hate, 16 October 2008… “It’s about time you and all your Obama supporter go crawl under a rock where you belong. Any time someone in this country can vote for a RADICAL, COMMINUIST, WHO HATES AMERICA AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE AND HAS NEVER SERVED AMERICA ONE DAY IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE instead of an AMERICAN HERO who loves America then America is headed straight to hell. OBAMA WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT.” – BARBARA LAY, PUMA (via email)

The hate sites have been busy. It’s a riot out there, with yours truly a prime topic on the anti Obama sites. They blew a collective gasket after a new guest poster showed up. But my emails still take the prize for entertainment, though many from the crazies I can’t even print. “… Well we have a place to go we can vote for Mccain. As for Michelle that white hating bitch has gotten a free ride from the media. … You really are two faced with your support of that snake oil salesman.” – Reba Shimansky

Remember Harriet Christian, who went off on a tirade at the RBC meeting? From her: “Taylor – since your allegiances are easily bought – how much did obama pay you to come to his dark side??? By the way – I don’t drink. However you can go have a Puma Cocktail on me.”

Aaaaw, the alternative universe puma people or so upset. This post sent them around the twist. Notice the offensive use of Senator Obama’s middle name in the email text below, which is typically overwrought. But it sure gave me a good *cackle*. … “Your recent post about the Obama event with Mr. McAuliffe is despicable. Why do treat we PUMAs with such disrespect and rudeness, Taylor? Your own support for Barry Hussein Obama seems founded upon sand, and it is clear that yours is an anti-McCain vote more than a pro-Obama vote. At least me and my fellow PUMAs follow our convictions. We didn’t support Obama during the primaries, and we don’t support him now. Oh, and have you seen the new CNN poll? Now only 54% of Democrats will support Odrama. That’s down from 59% last month. WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN! I hope the Kool Aid wears off.” – TjM

After Obama clinched the nomination and I followed Hillary’s lead to support him, the hate started coming in from Hillary supporters… “you are a traitor and a slime sucking person, hope god saves a special place in hell for you. obama sucks like you.” – A.L.

“Since I will never visit your site again, I shall speak frankly. You make me sick. (I would rather say this to you: @#@#&%*, but I’d rather not.) Nice headline Taylor. It’s been discounted by the campaign. And yet you have it up there saying she’ll take VP if offered. *#!@ you.” – SN

“…given your recent born-again attitude about obama and your inane reasoning for supporting hillary, every time i see your email – your name – in my inbox i about blow a gasket. for the sake of my health, please remove me immediately. i hope you come to your senses, but given the fact that you were a reagan democrat (which i just recently found out, otherwise i would never have signed up for your blog), it’s not likely. i guess it’s all about money first, then party, then country. too bad. i kind of liked what you had to say – when THAT was getting you traffic. karma’s a bitch, m’dear, hope you’re ready.” – J.

“….are you giving up on Senator Clinton? And if so why and you willing to through in the towel so easily? The media and the Democratic party need to answer for the way they have treated her.” – anon.

After Clinton won Indiana, a state bordering Obama’s own and that he bragged he’d win, with North Carolina a double-digit victory for Obama, which was predicted for weeks on end, this is an example of what I got from Obamabots in droves: “CACKLE FOR ME NOW BITCH!!!!!” Obama’s fans, you stay classy now.

Now this is a first. Bringing up your beloved mother who has passed, because your hatred for me is that intense: “My mother would despise you, if she were around.” – Tim

This is classic. Ginny Dexter sent me a missive with an email address that had “womanforpeace” in the title. Hilarious! … “It will remind everyone why they hate your lying, stinking, c— ——– —— ——. No wonder the Clintons are losers. They have paid shills like Taylor —- Marsh on their payroll.” Peace to you too, Ginny.

From Caterina Meirs: “How much do they pay your ugly mug to write hit-pieces? Wipe from front to back you’re stinking up the sphere.”

How dare I challenge Mr. Obama! Another Obamabot chimes in: “Look up Racist in the dictionary and it says two words, Taylor Marsh. You are a right wing total nut job … ..” – Wooster

Hillary hating Obamabots, low class even in victory. After Obama won South Carolina, I received a lot of hate mail. This is just one example: “Taylor you are a stanky smelly HO and paid shill for the DLC racist Clintons The heffa lost BWaahahahahahahha.”

“You suck you liberal skank …”

Some of the strongest hate mail has come from the Clinton Derangement Crowd. I particularly love this one. I’m being taken off of a blogroll! How will I ever survive?: “Taylor – we thought you got it – but apparently you’ve bought the corporate media spin too. Your love fest with Hillary is shocking! especially combined with your complete lack of questioning the ramifications of continuing the Bush-Clinton dynasty! There will be few changes in a Hillary prez. You know it. And you know that Bill Clinton ended all pending and future Iran-Contra and BCCI investigations! And Hillary – a former first lady and DC insider – will NOT seriously investigate a former president’s son and his corrupt and evil administration! You also know that John Edwards best represents a REAL Democrat – and not a Bush-lite Centrist like Hillary. How much did they pay you? What did they promise you? You are a disappointment – and are off our blog roll.” – nt

Some Many didn’t like me telling the truth about John McCain: “My son is in Iraq and he is not complaining nor are the great majority of his buddies. He is there protecting your right to be an asshole. You would look great in a burqa.” – LW

Yes, I definitely struck a nerve with that McCain post: “I’m no fan of McCain, but I do keep up with the news. Do you think we are all stupid? I don’t know who you are or who the Hummington post is, but I’ve seen high school articles better written and more accurate. By the way, I do know the name of the most illiterate and ill-informed woman in America is Huffington, not Hummington.” – CC

Again, in response to the McCain post: “For some, informed opinion, including talking directly to soldiers, isn’t enough: “Have you served in the military? If not keep your opinions to yourself in regard to political support of our troops. This pertains to both conservative and liberal views. You are not qualified because you have not been there.” – Joe (not Lieberman, though you never know)

“Hey Taylor over here! Guess what Jackass! The VAST VAST VAST majority of Americans don’t watch Olbermann (not event 1 percent of the population, check his ratings.) and Taylor the VAST VAST Majority of Americans have NO CLUE who he is! Get our of your Bubble. Run out of it. Plus, if you’re a “local” programmer, why the BLEEP would you want to assault your male footballs audience with Keith’s liberal politics? You wouldn’t.” – Yet another wingnut

“And if Taylor Marsh is “the antidote to right wing talk” no wonder “liberal” talk radio is such a hopeless failure.” – Just another wingnut

One of the first times I had to actually delete posts on this site came after a column I did connecting Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and the wingnut monopoly on radio. This is just a sampling of the troll spam that came in that weekend: “Perhaps if you had subject matter and guests that people were actually interested in, instead of sounding like you’re auditioning for Err Amerika, you too would get a syndication offer. – txradioguy

People just don’t like it when I tell the truth about Joe… “Joe Lieberman a “Jackass” and “dumber than dirt”? OK. You are a traitor and a stupid bitch.” – CB (3.1.07)

Not exactly hate mail, but certainly amusing… “You look like I pictured. I bet you’re a druggie from the 60’s. Big government needs to GO and you want the fairness act because the people that tell us the truth like Michael Savage scares the hell out of you. He said bring the fairness act on so he can come on shows like Colmes and show the listeners what a fool liberals really are. After I listened to you rambling on I understood why you are not on the radio anymore. I hope they pass it so Savage can make his rounds on the left wing liberal shows and wake you people up before the muslims kill us all. I bet you’re for barak obama for president aren’t you? No, you’re probably for the socialist commi hillary. Make sure that when you buy your burka it’s black. Redheads look good in black so I’ve been told.” – Jill (1.25.07)

“You will go to hell and cook forever, unless you admit your a sinner, ask Jesus to forgive you. Then say help me Jesus PLEASE. You know what? If you pray and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died for your sin and rose on the 3rd day. You will be saved. Heaven would be your reward. Anyway I was far worse then you. I’m glad I found the bottom and got saved. I will pray for you tonight.” – DanD (1.25.07)

This one from “trixi” made me laugh out loud: “I think you need help. … Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., a forensic psychiatrist, explains the madness of liberalism in his new book The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness: … Like all other human beings, the modern liberal reveals his true character, including his madness, in what he values and devalues, in what he articulates with passion. … Because the liberal agenda’s principles violate the rules of ordered liberty, his most determined efforts to realize its visionary fantasies must inevitably fall short. Yet, despite all the evidence against it, the modern liberal mind believes his agenda is good social science. It is, in fact, bad science fiction. He persists in this agenda despite its madness.” Speaking of madness “trixi”…

“You are not even relevant in your own community.”

“Ms. Marsh, I read your blog every so often. It reminds me to work harder to promote the values and beliefs I hold so dear as a conservative Republican. YOU are my motivation. … To do what you do during a time of war is appalling. Clinton got us in this mess by emboldening the Islamic-Fascists. I go to church for weddings and funerals, but I thank GOD everyday for President George W. Bush. I have to leave you now to write another check for the RNC. Toodles!!!!!!!”

Okay, so this isn’t hate mail, but right before the election I got a whole bunch of emails just like this one: “Thanks… this will make the GOP victory so much sweeter…”

“What are you out of your mind, lady?”

At least this one can spell… well, almost. “I suppose Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Bill and Hillary are the answers to the problems in America. It is so obvious by all the vicious derogatory remarks as to how desparate the UN-American Democratic Party truly is. I would do anything I can to defeat any Democrat who agrees with your lowliness and scummy practice. Find an honest and worthy Democrat and I will support him, but I think you’ll have a tough time finding one, especially if he supports these type of tactics. I truly hope that ALL America can see through your hate mail rants, WINGNUT.” – colonel

After the Merkel post, the wingnuts went crazy… “who cares if the President rubbed the shoulders of a peer..iraq and the middle east are in flames cause countries like the usa and isreal arn’t full of liberal dykes and ferry democrats like kerry and whoever. ..please stop your career now and see that it’s a mans world and we call the shots!!” – tom

“You Godless Bitch… I hope you die the worst possible death in retribution for the slander you espouse. I would love to see you die by the hands of the heartless people you defend, why don’t you travel to a foreign country, get kidnapped and raped, and die? You have no morals. To see so much unsubstantiated bullshit on your website and blog is laughable. You are just another “Yellow-Dog” Democrat…or worse yet, a “Spectator Democrat.” One who criticizes everything but offers no solution. And lastly, if I was your boyfriend or husband, I would be cheating on you for Ann Coulter… Truthfully not yours, V Baker” (ellipses original)

After a radio interview out of Iowa… “When are you gonna be puled off of the air. this is a time that we need to suport the presidant and stop being traytors. why do liberal dummycrats have to be such dinks? God will look faverabley on those that suported our presidant W. God bless Bush and Chaney. we ned to suport them.” – c.b.

Okay, so this isn’t hate mail, but what the hell: “You and your blog are irrelevant.” — kbest

“I cant bilive the crap that comes out of your mouth. Libarals like you are the reason this great county is goin in the crapper. The elections in 2006 will hopfuly put the final nale in the cofin for you liberatards. Good ridence!” – just another wingnut

Succinctly said: “SHUT UP!!!”

Oh, do liberals hate when I criticize our own. This one is just charming… “carter was the best president we have ever had you republican bitch whore youz” – dubyaisafairy.

The wingnuts got miffied when I “swiped” (my word) the Alex Jones video, because the download sucked. In fact, I took a risk doing it! Again, I do not apologize for that. Here’s one lame wingnut’s response, which is hilarious: “First time at your site – Typically Democrat, Liberal, distortions, utter distortions. Typically, “We’ve lost the world Democrat.” Swiped the facts on the shotgun incident? Swiped, as in Stole, as in low-life thief? Coooool! Way Coooool, typical Lib – Nuf Sed” – FrankieCee

The following email is one of the shortest and crudest I’ve ever received, though I’ve cleaned it up a bit. I offer it as evidence of what a lot of women on the web get. It makes me wonder, What would Deborah Howell do if she got this type of hate mail? As for me, I just shake my head and laugh… “You vile stinky #*@&! You and your traitorous cronies who lied stole and cheated hopefully will be hung from lamp posts when sanity will take over. Bush is the Nazi, you are the nazi and the whole damn GOP is marching on.” – nofy

“Why is it that your site, as with the vast majority of liberal sites, has so little advertising compared to conservative sites? Could it be due to reasons similar to those causing the demise of AirAmerica? To wit; that no one is paying attention to what liberals are saying, now that there is an alternative source of information to the lies you and your ilk have forced on the world for decades? From reading only a bit of your writings it seems unlikely you will dare to publish this piece of ‘hate mail’, since my writing is not dictated by the depth of my passion, but by the depth of my commitment to civility despite provocation as baseless and foolish as yours. Have a happy life as you continue to struggle vainly against the tide of truth sweeping the world via the Internet and talk radio! Best,” – A wingnut from San Antonio, TX

“What i don’t understand about tratorus libertards like you is why you think you can stand their and disparag our great ELECTED leader George W Bush. Whithout him we be a country of hethen sinners aborting babys for fun. You donot suport the troops and shoud be shiped off to Kwantanamo bay for the prison there. You are oful person and should count belessing that you can spout your libral mouth off.”

“You ned to move to Canada if you hate this county so much. Thank god that George W. Bush is our president protecting us from evil liebrawls like you. Go to Cuba and engoy comonism they’re.”

“Please broadcast your ridiculous opinions somewhere other than Iowa (how about relegating yourself to urban chicago where they want liberal thinking). It is frustrating listeng to you describe the war has detrimental to womens rights in Iraq I am lucky enough to have had contact with women from that part of the world and you are doing them a disservice. I have never seen a people so excited about voting, if only here in America we had that zeal for freedom-Maybe some day we will have to fight for our freedom again. If that day comes hopefully people like you wont be out there persuading everyone that freedom is only important to us. God forbid someone who thought like you ever ran this country, the terrorist would be lovin it.” – Shellman

“Ms. Marsh – I recently heard some of the interview… I am praying for you. I pray that all the poison you spew and scream comes back to you and that you see yourself as God sees you. Why can’t you speak professionally and courteously instead of attacking someone who doesn’t think the same way you do. I have noticed that a liberal-thinking person never answers a direct question with a direct answer. You all sound like a broken record. Don’t you realize that the Democrats are the “Outs” and the Republicans are the “Ins”? Your pride is hurt because more Americans didn’t want the Democrats… period ( . ) Thank you for listening. God Bless you and God bless America.”

My goodness, but you’re very ignorant and jealous. Why not work off some of that venom with a bit of housework? Perhaps breast-feed your infant? do ANYTHING, but please give up writing. – “Ol John

From “”: “You suck.”

“You’re just another hysterical fool from the far left who guarantees the demise of the Democratic Party. Simply put, you’re a crackpot in the same category as those on the far right. Mirror matched fools.”

“Thank you, Taylor, for being so vocal for the democratic party. You have done more for Republicans then most republicans. the more you talk, the more republicans get elected.”

“You are a nut. You need to use more common sense.”

“You may be the best liberal out there, but you are still on the bottom of the barrel. Why? You and others like you are not dealing in reality. McCarthy would have had you and Kennedy for dinner. You are a real bitch and a rude one at that. I say this because of a debate you tried to participate in on the Glover Show here in St. Louis. Glover is not thinking with his brain but his you know what.”

“I would just like to thank you for what you said on the (radio). I would like to encourage you to keep it up. As an American it makes me very happy when talk show personalities like you get on the radio and voice your opinions. You single handedly did more to hurt your own party than any conservative talk show host could have done by himself/herself. You were pompous arrogant, bitter and lets not forget down right rude. Keep up the good work. Shout your message from the rooftops. Thanks. P.S. I particularly like the picture of the baby on your web site. Keep it up.”

“I couldn’t resist going to Marsh’s website to take a look. The photo of her in front of the pickup truck is as ironic as the picture of the minuteman with a rifle on the new Mass. State quarter. By Mass law, an individual couldn’t own that rifle and if the libs had their way, individuals wouldn’t be allowed to own a pickup or SUV. Too bad the brake didn’t slip.”

“I feel that you are out of touch with the true grunts that work for a living… Get off Fantasy Island!!!!!”

“You are so old news. We are moving on without the liberals because they are so anal. You would follow the Clintons who have brought such shame on the white house. Listen to the children who think oral sex is okey. Follow teddy who left a woman to drown while he hid in a motel room. What hero’s in your party, michael moore is another hero to idolize…”

“…you should really be embarrassed. I would love to see you go against Hannity. Democrats have no points of any logic. And what you said about the military is just sickening. You lost the election get over it, you wont win the next one either unless your party gets it together, and pulls their head of their asses. No matter what Bush does is never correct to a liberal. Maybe that’s why you left wings suck on air ratings, people cant stand to listen to you. Watch a lil more Fox news, have a beer and quit making excuses for the Democrat failuresMs. Marsh, Stick to being a beauty queen; it is evident that you do not have brains. Research BEFORE speaking and you will be quite surprised what you will learn.”

“…. and I must say you are a cool-aid drinker. I certainly am happy that you do not have any decision making authority in any capacity in my life. Hopefully as long as there are reasoning/thinking people out here you and your likes will never have this authority. As a political independent, who admittedly leans right, please keep up the good work you are doing. You are helping the sane by your insanity. I hope you get your chance to personally negotiate with terrorists. I can hear you now as they get ready to cut your head off…. “PLEASE DON’T … I’M ON YOUR SIDE!”….. CHOP!!!! If I were a liberal I’m sure I would have called you a name by now.”

“… YOU ARE A BITCH!!!!!”

“Your great at arguing and fighting like most liberals.Do you realize that the things you say are the same things said that ushered in communism.Ill bet you were all for killing Terri Shaivo were’nt you.A tipical Hitler mentality,like just about every liberal Ive talked to.I say just about because not all liberals spout the democratic talking points,a few can actually think for themselves without being told what and how to think,unlike yourself.What I came away from that debate with Crane was that you are a tipical liberal IDIOT and like most conservatives Crane whipped your but with fact after fact after fact.Just because you say something does’nt make it a fact,like your other DEMOCRATIC buddies,like the commie Al Frankin dont you ever wander why yours and his ratings are in the tank.That is a fact, no matter what you say. YOUR A FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Do the country a favor and move to Canada. We don’t need cry babies like you and we would be better off with out you democrats. Always whining about something give it up America is going to be all Republicans if you can’t tell yet. By the way J.F.K would be a Republican in this day and age. Think about it. Or just flip flop that in your head. Maybe you could debate yourself like John Kerry did. Thank God for President George W. Bush.”

BUT NOT ALL BUSHIES THINK TAYLOR’S A BITCH, and even though they may not understand liberals, they don’t think W. is a dream either…

“…I keep trying to understand the liberal point of view but when people like our Governor Swilsack want to raise cigarette taxes and then ADMIT that they will not be spending the money on reducing or treating smokers it baffles me. Iowa has shamefully trotted out small children in their campaign to raise these taxes. They are just plain money whores. I have not heard ONE person attack alcohol or even mention it in any of the smoking or healthcare debates. If you think of the lives lost due to alcohol, the divorces, the criminal acts related to it, it far outweighs the problems with cigarettes. Well, I’m sure your busy, our daughter is an accomplished dancer & dance teacher so I know what it’s like to get ready for a show! Keep him on his toes and I’ll listen whenever I can. (I’m a) not so conservative, conservative”¦ PS. If you ever get the chance to talk to Bush or his cronies let them know it’s very disconcerting even to us Bushies that the leader of the free world can’t say nuclear. It’s NEW CLEAR Mr. Bush, there is no such word as NOOKYALER!!!!”

The above sweet sentiments appear as they were sent, though sometimes shortened. So, to all those who write every day, thanks for sharing. Taylor doesn’t post them all, but she sure reads them all.