Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion but also the Phoenix. Both the Scorpion and the Phoenix have the same ability to transform. The Scorpion sheds its skin, the Phoenix learns how to rise from the ashes. Both of these creatures hold within them the power to completely rebirth themselves, no matter what the past has brought their way.Forever Conscious

MYTHOLOGY provides the template. A story for each season written deep in a person’s soul. For Dr. Kate Winter, the tales of ancient mythology and the once respected art of astrology provide a canvas on which to decipher her gifts.

Desperation drove her to it.

Change comes to Kate’s life in 2020 and shatters her world when a downloaded warning foreshadows the confrontation she’s dreaded her whole life.

On the tail of a warm breeze, Kate’s past catches up with her in the middle of a workday. Clay shares the news but it isn’t a surprise.

When the past rears up, it’s because Spirit wants to share information we need. It’s not about what we want. We’re here to level up, become intimate with ourselves to change the trajectory of our life, those around us, and help advance the world.

Passages notated on calendars aren’t for show or games or suppositions. The seasons of our lives come to challenge and change.

The seasons of our world mimic characteristics of what is laid upon us from the heavens to guide us.

What if we listened?

Dr. Kate Winter has no choice but to heed the sign posts as the calendar changes and brings new ways to understand her life.

Breakthroughs come after breakdowns.

Painful past memories waft up during a passage of Kate’s life, when she’s forced to face what happened.

What was foretold to Kate has begun. The only way out of the torment she’s held inside is to plow through it.

It’s said we come into life with a blank slate, but Dr. Kate Winter knows otherwise. There’s a glitch.

A portal opened and she remembers the whispers as a little girl. Off-handed incantations that stuck.

A confrontation.

A season of change.

A lie ripped from the guts of her experience.

Nothing will be the same again.

Top art: Markus Spiske, via Unsplash