THE AMERICAN experiment is heaving. Our country has COVID-19.

There’s a reason I was driven to write Citizen Kate.

What if a White nationalist president was wily, with dangerous men around him who dress the part of a player?

President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris will take office January 20th, noon, 2021, but they are being thwarted from preparedness. Reports across media say Trump wants to start as many fires as he can. It’s not breaking news.

Meanwhile, team Rudy has lost at least 31 cases and withdrawn from others. Trump is in a bunker with #LOSER #LoserInChief trending on #Twitter. Trump is incompetent.

Next time could be different. This is not a drill. It’s rehearsal.

When everyone was whining about how awful Trump is, what I saw was different. Saw the narcissism through media when I lived in New York City. Lack of empathy? See his divorces. Look at his children. It was the psychopathy bleeding through his early presidency.

Citizen Kate is a disturbing political thriller. Published in late October 2019, this novel couldn’t be more timely today.

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…Lane stopped in front of a bank of computers. A gigantic screen was mounted on the wall in front of them. He reached down and booted up his computer. The screen lit up.

“Wow, impressive.” Boot stared at the articles in blocks across the screen. “What’s that column there.” He pointed.

“Yeah, that’s the father load.” Lane smiled. “Our forum and all the state groups who have threads on it.”

Patrick Boot moved closer to read the thread. His eyes bugged out. “Well done. Who writes this stuff?” He paused. “The copy is brilliant and intense.”

“The membership section, so no one can complain.” He smiled.

“Hold on. Who’s Halo? A woman?” Boot was incredulous. “I’m surprised.”

Tom beamed. “My woman. My wife. We can’t achieve our goals without proud White women who want to give birth to the next generation of Brave Men.”

“Or BBelievers.”

When Boot launched BBelievers, he had talked to small groups of men about the importance of connecting to women who want a traditional family life. Iowa Representative Steve King inspired Boot when he had said, “We can’t restore civilization with other people’s babies.” There was an uproar, but Boot had an epiphany. Women were the linchpin to identitarians and their efforts to save White America. Women could complete the picture of the perfect life, family and the ultimate American identity.

Lane nodded. “Women are the vessels to America’s renewal.” He picked up a framed photo on his desk.

Boot chuckled. The woman was good-looking. An all-American girl. “No one would doubt her sincerity.” Halo was shown in a rocker nursing her baby, with five children around her. It was the perfect portrait of 1950s America in the twenty-first century.

“Halo is intense about the White baby challenge. She embraced her tradwife role and has brought identity and purpose to women who love their country and their man.”

“The antidote to feminazis.”

Lane’s head went back as he clapped and laughed out loud. “Thank God for White talk radio. Militant women have destroyed the White race. Tradwives are the warriors against migrant replacement of our race.”

Boot eyed the man. Facade intact, he played the fanatics and used them for the cause, but he also realized their exposure was dangerous to all he’d accomplished through Richards’ candidacy. The president tolerated anyone who’d vote for him and bring their friends and communities to vote Republican. His campaign had focused on the electoral college. Boot depended on Brave Men like Tom Lane because they did the necessary wet work and were willing to pay the price. The addition of their wives to the fight was proof his plan had taken root.

He read an advertisement on the big screen. At the top right of the web page, there was a graphic of an older woman with the caption above it, “What do you think?” The advert headline read, “Expert Says Socialists Will Win Next Election.” He turned to Lane and pointed at it.

“What about it? The ad is our best click-through performer.”

Boot chuckled. “Is it from RMFcontent?”

Lane nodded.

“I have to call them. Their stuff is fantastic.”

“People are freaked about Richards losing his reelection. Scared our way of life will disappear with him.”

“Not on our watch.”