HOT SUMMER DAYS in a restless country.

One year ago, the cruelest summer raged and way out on the Eastern Shore conjured alchemy brought a download that would play out over months of my life, add an epic COVID19 cross-country trip to Northern California.

The political travesty playing out in our country compelled me to research subjects for a political thriller. The marketing research revealed publishing numbers on women authors and political thrillers, which boiled down meant few readers, low sales.


When we’re dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, in 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact? Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing?” Rep. Elijah Cummings

The timing for publication became impossible. My instincts had delivered shocking news: you’re moving. Where? Immaterial, came the answer. Prepare, is what I was left with.

When you hook into the law of attraction, you’re a passenger.

Beyond serendipity there are portals where movement through time is… magical.

Some people call it Flow.

Could it be The Secret?

Having lived through my instincts since I was young — amid epic thrills, falls, and years of patience — this thrill ride is worth it. Sometimes your vision and the price it costs won’t add up. The timing will twist you into knots.

What Mother called “tests.”

And sometimes a tremendous vision for a thriller you want to write is finished and published, as currents of the law of attraction hit from varying directions, simultaneously…

Instincts guided me through, inspiring trust in the whispered timing which came with a warning: first half of 2020 was out.

What couldn’t be seen was a global pandemic, tens of thousands of dead Americans, businesses shut down, life on hold. Quarantined world.

The new cover fits better and the timing is finally perfect.

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Time to pick a side.

A whisper of uncivil war…

Dr. Kate Winter’s gift becomes a sword. Her instincts don’t define the outcome, only the pathway. Surprise and shock follow.

Kate’s hunch about the president is part of the story. A Ph.D. in psychology, a doctoral thesis on the homicidal urge, her unique tool is a psychic gift she doesn’t understand. From her power base in Washington, D.C., feelers go out. How deep was the president’s involvement? A delivery received from a Middle East source confirms her instincts, and a flash drive provides proof it’s worse than imagined.

In Washington, D.C.… Senator Rosa Bennett, named after the first lady of civil rights, continues her floor speech. “I’m reminded of a line from Ava DuVernay’s Netflix series ‘When They See Us.’ The White prosecutor says, ‘It’s no longer about justice… It’s about politics and politics is about survival and there’s nothing fair about survival.’”

Kate and her unique investigative team decide to expose the president and his friends, who equate women to commodities, rousing the alt-White network of President John Jefferson Richards. A wily enemy.

But what’s in the Nevada desert? She’s stumped. The president’s ex-wife won’t talk. The female vice president’s shut out. President Richards is tied to whatever it is, otherwise his chief of staff wouldn’t have taken the joy ride.

Kate’s faced diabolical murderers, but never the force of the presidency at the nexus of world power, debauchery, and greed.

The president’s plan was simple. Use whatever you can. No matter the source. Get what you want. No matter the cost. The motive offers leverage: “To secure the existence of our people.”

The most dangerous men have no loyalties.

“This book is a great read, it keeps your interest and is a great thriller.” – Emmy McCabe