Like many other Trump critics, I believed that he was driven by an insatiable narcissistic hunger to be loved, accepted, admired, and praised. That remains prima facie true, but it deflects attention from what drives Trump more deeply: the need to dominate. His primary goal is to win at any cost and the end always justifies the means. Ultimately, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or feels. For Trump, the choice between dominating and being loved — saving himself or saving others — is no contest.The Psychopath In Chief, by Tony Schwartz on Medium

FROM THE first chapter, the shock of international presidential thuggery is felt deep in my thriller CITIZEN KATE. Stage is set in the post-Obama era, sometime after Trump, with the next Republican president a devious politician who learned from his predecessor’s mistakes.

The back cover was a risk, seen as incendiary. Thanks to artist Annie Spratt from Unsplash. Seen in hindsight, it remains powerful.

A comment I received from one reader reveals the chasm in this country. The action from the first page alarmed him.

“…where a President of the United States of America actively visits a torture scene and gives the order to kill the victim.”

Few women write disturbing political thrillers that reveal the rot at the root of power. It was the second thriller we published in 2019, but it was a book I felt compelled to write.

People have called leaders from other countries autocrats, dictators, thugs, but few get clinical.

As an author who tinkers in shadows, drawing diabolical characters from the excavation of human psychosis, it’s past time we labeled a president who allows the killing of children at the border, and barks, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” for what he is.

The “psychopath in chief” in the White House today is not in CITIZEN KATE, but the Trump legacy of presidential psychopathy must be dissected for what it is, so we don’t make the mistake again.

“Some people would say this book hits very close to our current political atmosphere – frightening characters running our country and one woman trying to stop the President’s diabolical plans. … There are scenes of violence – not for the faint of heart. However, the violence is in place with the plot and isn’t gratuitous.” 5-Star Amazon Review


Patrick Boot walked up the third flight of metal stairs. Turned the nob but the door didn’t move. Rapped on the door.

“Almost there.” The deep voice crackled. Signs of a smoker.

The covert cyberwar headquarters of President Richards’ reelection campaign was housed in a two-story loft.

“Why do you guys lock things up tight in daylight?” Boot walked into the cavernous space. Turned to the man he’d chosen to run his cyber gangster squad. “This place is frigid. Next time I’ll wear a jacket.”

Through Boot’s leadership in Boy Believers, BBelievers for short, and his contacts in Brave Men, he’d met Tom Adolf Lane. After he’d run a background check on him Boot discovered Lane had dropped his last name to take the name of the infamous White supremacist, David Lane. He was convicted of violating the civil rights of Jewish talk radio host Alan Berg, who was murdered by Lane’s white nationalist group The Order.

“See around us? There is a lot to protect.”

“Enough cameras?” Boot sneered at him. “How much did this cost us?”

“You wound me, man. You paid for the installation six months ago. Did you see an outrageous bill?”

Boot frowned and cocked his head. “You’re right. We didn’t.” He paused. “Do I want to hear this?”

Tom tilted his head. His face twisted in a grimace. “Best not to ask.” He waited but Boot didn’t speak. “What’s up?”

“A development. First, show me what you’ve been up to.”

“Follow me.” He walked and talked. Boot trailed behind him. Lane’s black t-shirt had the sleeves cut off. The tattoo on his right arm was unmistakable. The Blood and Pride symbol for a racist skinhead group started out of Virginia. A vertical symbol for a White supremacist group out of the Midwest, RBK or Rebirthed Klan, was tattooed on the other arm.

As he followed behind, Boot couldn’t make out the symbols on his forearms. Other alt-right symbols in the loft space he recognized. Boot had brought Brave Men into the Richards campaign and had introduced them to him after he’d announced. In a raucous twenty-thousand seat event, they dispersed Brave Men throughout the crowd to lead pro Richards chants that shook the arena and won over the candidate. A group of vigilantes who took action through force, Tom Lane and his Brave Men believed no other way would work.

Boot also tapped the misogynist subculture that came out of the online “manosphere,” as they were nicknamed. A fraternal group of American nationalists, as Boot described them to the press. Discussion forums were a safe space for them. After the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, citizen outrage drove nationalists underground.

Boy Believers were spawned and their founder, Patrick Boot, became the leader and role model. Unlike Brave Men, Boy Believers were White nationalists who could pass in the mainstream world of politics and business. BBelievers liked to claim they “don’t have a racist bone in my body.” The declaration made people accept them, but it was a signal to the supremacy fraternity.

Men associated with Boot’s revolutionary BBelievers were also referred to as “identitarians.” They disguised their appearance to pass as respected citizens and didn’t have tattoos in visible places. The subterfuge allowed BBelievers to initiate, gather support and implement policies inside of government to further their White nationalist goals which begin with a White ethnostate.

Both Brave Men and BBelievers were part of the alt-right birthed when Barack Hussein Obama became president. Their presence exploded in 2015. By the time Richards took office, White nationalists across the country from Virginia to Florida, Texas to Montana, Indiana to North Dakota had been reinvigorated. No state in the country was exempt from their presence.

Lane stopped in front of a bank of computers. A gigantic screen was mounted on the wall in front of them. He reached down and booted up his computer. The screen lit up.

“Wow, impressive.” Boot stared at the articles in blocks across the screen. “What’s that column there.” He pointed.

“Yeah, that’s the father load.” Lane smiled. “Our forum and all the state groups who have threads on it.”

Patrick Boot moved closer to read the thread. His eyes bugged out. “Well done. Who writes this stuff?” He paused. “The copy is brilliant and intense.”

“The membership section, so no one can complain.” He smiled.

“Hold on. Who’s Halo? A woman?” Boot was incredulous. “I’m surprised.” Tom beamed.

“My woman. My wife. We can’t achieve our goals without proud White women who want to give birth to the next generation of Brave Men.”

“Or BBelievers.”

When Boot launched BBelievers, he had talked to small groups of men about the importance of connecting to women who want a traditional family life. Iowa Representative Steve King inspired Boot when he had said, “We can’t restore civilization with other people’s babies.” There was an uproar, but Boot had an epiphany. Women were the linchpin to identitarians and their efforts to save White America. Women could complete the picture of the perfect life, family and the ultimate American identity.


Lane nodded. “Women are the vessels to America’s renewal.” He picked up a framed photo on his desk.

Boot chuckled. The woman was good-looking. An all-American girl. “No one would doubt her sincerity.” Halo was shown in a rocker nursing her baby, with five children around her. It was the perfect portrait of 1950s America in the twenty-first century.


“Halo is intense about the White baby challenge. She embraced her tradwife role and has brought identity and purpose to women who love their country and their man.”

“The antidote to feminazis.”

Lane’s head went back as he clapped and laughed out loud. “Thank God for White talk radio. Militant women have destroyed the White race. Tradwives are the warriors against migrant replacement of our race.”

Boot eyed the man. Facade intact, he played the fanatics and used them for the cause, but he also realized their exposure was dangerous to all he’d accomplished through Richards’ candidacy. The president tolerated anyone who’d vote for him and bring their friends and communities to vote Republican. His campaign had focused on the electoral college. Boot depended on Brave Men like Tom Lane because they did the necessary wet work and were willing to pay the price. The addition of their wives to the fight was proof his plan had taken root.

He read an advertisement on the big screen. At the top right of the web page, there was a graphic of an older woman with the caption above it, “What do you think?” The advert headline read, “Expert Says Socialists Will Win Next Election.” He turned to Lane and pointed at it.

“What about it? The ad is our best click-through performer.”

Boot chuckled. “Is it from RMFcontent?”

Lane nodded.

“I have to call them. Their stuff is fantastic.”

“People are freaked about Richards losing his reelection. Scared our way of life will disappear with him.”

“Not on our watch.”

“So, what do you need? You didn’t come here to talk philosophy.”

Boot took a thumb drive out of his breast pocket and handed it to the man. “Let’s talk about this.” He reached for a chair and sat down. “Open the first file. You can check the rest later.”

When Lane clicked on the first file, a collage of photos came on the oversized screen. “Foxy bitch, who is she?” Before Boot could speak, he recognized her. “Hey, that’s the girl on the news.” He turned to see if his hunch was right.”

“Dr. Kate Winter.” Boot was amused as Lane read aloud a few of the headlines from the file. “She’s putting out propaganda against President Richards. All lies and fake news. She’s got a mixed-raced team led by a White traitor.”

Lane let loose a string of obscenities. He stood up and walked closer to the screen on the wall. He turned back to Boot. “What’s the plan?”

“Tell the truth about a militant feminazi who spits on her heritage and chooses immigrants over her own race. A race traitor against the president.”

“She’s part of the modern-day assault against men. I could ask Halo to befriend her and teach her a lesson she’ll—”

“Halo does missions?”

“She’s my wife. Does what I tell her will help White America.”

Boot thought about it. “Open a few of the other files.”

While Lane sifted through the flash drive, several jpgs flashed on the screen. “He’s the traitor.” He turned to Boot. Clay Zach’s picture was on the screen.

“Yes. He’s a problem.”

“Not for me. Not for Brave Men.”

“Carelessness will expose you. Don’t be stupid.”

Lane glared at Boot. Pushed his chair out and was in his face. “What did you say?”

“You heard me.” Boot stared down at the man who wasn’t moving. This confrontation was inevitable. “Sit down.”

Lane complied.

“Tell me more about Halo.”

Lane began with the story of how they met. He was proud of her. “She understands the mission. We got married to have at least six kids. She knew her purpose and we had a plan. White Western culture passed down to our boys and girls. She’s eager to help the cause.”

It gave Patrick Boot what he needed. Other people to put their lives on the line while he kept Richards in the White House. No one was more committed than he was but there was a limit to what identitarians would risk.

“I appreciate it, but I want to go a different way. I want her assassinated online. She’s unmarried. She’s an anti-Christian heretic. A godless mindful who turned her back on all that’s holy for metaphysics, and money. We disgrace her with people who use Google. Strangle their business.”

Lane’s smile was what Boot expected.

“It will be our pleasure. Halo will help. She’s a good writer and can expose these feminist traitors. Girls who emasculate our brothers. Our graphics will do the rest.”

Boot nodded. “We think she’s got a Hispanic girlfriend.” It gave him pleasure to see Lane’s face. “Click the third file down.”

Lane perused the graphics of Dr. Kate Winter with her arms around Callie Diaz. One photo showed her kissing Diaz on the cheek. “She’s the reason the White race is being replaced.”

“How soon can you start?”

“Now. Richards is a hero, man. He’s galvanized me and my brothers. We hid after Charlottesville, but not anymore. The White race depends on President Richards. We won’t stay in the shadows and let our way of life be defeated. Halo will jump at the chance to expose her.”


“I’ll encrypt everything and pass it to our Russian friends.” Lane smiled. “Send us the money. They’ll post bomb Facebook and Twitter. It will be an image slaughter.”

“When people put Dr. Kate Winter’s name in search engines. I want our messaging, articles, blogs posts, and videos, to pop up first. Flood the zone. Whatever it takes.”

The handshake sealed their pact. “We have brothers across the world.”

“Rouse them all.”