They are finding that ancient theology can better answer contemporary problems than any of the modern secular world’s solutions. Christianity Gets Weird, By Tara Isabella Burton (New York Times)

WHEN YOU stir the Christian crowd on social media, it turns into an educational moment.

The article above provides enough fodder for several conversations. When I chimed in to say organized religion is misogynistic, things became interesting.

In a comment in a Twitter thread on the above article, one person said,

“You can’t just point to all religions and shout “misogyny!!!” it doesn’t work like that.”

I replied

Oh, yeah? The frame fits like a glove. Religion was societal organizing structure which took what Jesus, Mary experienced together, exalted him, wrote her out. It’s been crushing women for over 2,000 years. Past time for a modern reformation.

The photo at the top was one image tweeted in my direction.

The word “feminine” stood out.

No one cared about the differences between the Marys in Christian religion.

Mary Magdalene, whose role was only recently honored by Pope Francis, isn’t seen as a spiritual adviser and partner. 

The modern era demands a rewrite of Mary’s story. A woman who was as much of a revolutionary as any man around her.

From what I can tell, social media Christianists are searching for another form of control through ancient ideas.

Control is an illusion of the mind. 

Righteous revolutionaries reject idolatry.