WHEN YOU ask a question during meditation, expect to be surprised with an answer…eventually.

It’s a process.

Working in the shadows where emotions, the mind, and our demons compete, my thrillers are a platform of enjoyment, but they are also a road map to discovery.

“SACRED TO PSYCHIC” podcasts will resume soon, which reveal another side of my work, and what became magical discoveries of spirit.

Not to be confused with religiosity.

The instinctual power we each have can be channeled into wisdom when we trust ourselves above the noise we hear.

Meditation is key to the process of creation, in my opinion.

Call it prayer if you’d like, but meditation is much different than prayer we’re taught in church.

The silence found in meditative contemplation doesn’t depend on an outside source of power. Through meditation we effort to become still and quiet our thoughts.

We dare to connect, hoping to be shown our way.

Meditation takes us deep inside darkness to find light. As evolutionary as the Big Bang which imprinted a cosmic tattoo on each of us.

Working beyond the veil, I often confront events I’ve expected, only to find the meaning in the moment different than what my instincts foreshadowed.

It’s confounding at times. Other moments have dropped me to my knees, because the journey came with cruel corners and near-death turns.

The horrors we store in our mind can be soothed, although there is no way to control the re-entry of ghosts and shadows unless we transform. Change.

Contrary to what we’ve swallowed over centuries, a human’s primary job is to figure out why she or he incarnated in this life.

Demons are the diamonds of our soul.

Discipline allows us to wage the struggle to untangle the lessons, the moment when surety evaporates.