“Epic lightning and rain going through #Pennsylvania made for interesting drive yesterday. Whipped through. In gas stations (3 stops) men, & biz in #Ohio did social distancing. Indiana didn’t have protection for workers in big 3 big stops we visited. Missouri, same. Kansas…” (TM on Twitter)

EPIC journey from Maryland’s Eastern Shore to Northern California.

Planned the move, but the COVID-19 global pandemic delayed it, however, the moment came when we had to jump.

“Greeted in Kansas w bold digital billboards re how to stay safe in pandemic, each specific: Stay home. Others thank truckers for delivering goods. Oh, and not just 1 or 2; a commitment re messaging by @GovLauraKelly. Great PSAs on the America’s main artery, U.S. Route 70…”

I’ve moved innumerable times, including a couple of coast to coast bounces. Truckers lined the highway, but few others were on the road. An Italian silk scarf was my mask; gloves donned when we we stopped. Mark in a PENSKE truck…

”Lost count of my cross country moves; to benefit my work, and gladly. (Same for my man since we met.) But the love of the open road in a treasured vehicle is…experienced. Westward drive. Sun splashing into the horizon from Kansas which permits 75 m.p.h. for the duration…”

During day two, Bruce Springsteen curated 80 minutes or so of music embedded in COVID.

Music has been my inspiration.

Waiting for WiFi…
Northern California and I have a deep relationship.
Landing here is part of my divine journey, of which I arranged no part.

Visualization during meditation becomes a connection. Wait for it. And wait.

Surprises manifest when Source knows you soul deep.

Excited to resume the world I’ve discovered the last years.

“Sacred to Psychic” Podcast will return when we have connection. You won’t want to miss what comes next.


“Just stopped in a town near Aspen, Colorado where masks are mandatory. First town on this trip where everyone is masked. Yet… President Carnival Barker @realDonaldTrump tweets about ratings.”


“Oddest sight on a gorgeous day in Vail, Colorado… Pristine slopes, not a skier ⛷to be found. #COVID19“

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