THE HUNCH came out of a vague dream. Not a respectable cosmic download. Well… Maybe it was both. At this point, Dr. Kate Winter couldn’t tell.

Her vision of two men and the conversation they had wasn’t fiction. She’d seen it…or heard it.

Powerful men providing cover for each other as a way of currency.

Kate was in a coveted position which provided an opening for her Security One team. They were small enough to operate in the shadows, with cyber capabilities matched with undercover slickness, and stealth.

The women exploited by President John Jefferson Richards and the legions of men who supported him were the spoils of power.

Dr. Kate Winter felt a deeper malevolence. Her focus never wavered from President Richards.

She wasn’t alone.

It was a fated moment.

Kate had a choice to make…

A whisper of uncivil war…

Dr. Kate Winter’s gift becomes a sword. Her instincts don’t define the outcome, only the pathway. Surprise and shock follow.

Kate’s hunch about the president is part of the story. A Ph.D. in psychology, a doctoral thesis on the homicidal urge, her unique tool is a psychic gift she doesn’t understand.

From her power base in Washington, D.C., feelers go out. How deep was the president’s involvement? 

A delivery received from a source in the Middle East confirms her instincts, and the flash drive provides proof it’s worse than she imagined.

Kate and her unique investigative team decide to expose the president and his friends, who value women as commodities.

Rousing the alt-White network of President John Jefferson Richards. A wily enemy. 

But what’s in the Nevada desert?

She’s stumped. The president’s ex-wife won’t talk. 

The female vice president’s shut out. 

Kate’s faced diabolical murderers, but never the force of the presidency at the nexus of world power, debauchery, and greed.

The president’s plan was simple.

Use whatever you can. No matter the source. Get what you want.

No matter the cost. 

A primal scream and a prayer. 

The motive offers leverage: “To secure the existence of our people.”

The lure of savage power.