Just a day earlier, Trump tweeted or retweeted more than 115 times — most of them centered on impeachment. The president has been even more prolific than usual on Twitter in recent days: On Sunday, he tweeted and retweeted 105 times. NBC News

THE MAN in the White House is a national security threat to our country.

Our republic depends on our ability to self-govern through elections.

Senator McConnell’s embrace of the executive branch is a breach of his constitutional oath of office. Does he want to further neuter congressional checks, and their duty to we the people?

Donald Trump has earned impeachment. Extorting a foreign ally by withholding congressionally-approved funding in a war being waged with Russia, is a breach of his oath. Going further to ask for “a favor though” to smear his likely 2020 opponent is election tampering.

High crimes and misdemeanors are what congress decides.

We have seen Trump’s obstruction of Congress. Abuse of power has been his presidential agenda.

Full House vote will be next week.

TM NOTE: Good riddance to Jeremy Corbyn. Labour was nuts to follow this man.