Meditation in Isolation: This Thing Called Life

“You can’t really make ideas, create ideas. All ideas are the same. They just wander by.”

– Jerry Seinfeld, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” Netflix

SOMETHING is coming. A decade is done. Time to…

Finish up a journey and a cataclysmic year.

Still odd for me to forego traditional advent season. A holy time of year imprinted on me through the influence of my devoutly Christian mother.

Traditional faith is how I got from Christian to Magician.

The Magician, by Marie White, Mary-El Tarot

The gateway remains the revolutionary figure of Jesus Christ.

Two-thousand years later women have begun to dig out from under the traditional architecture that relegated the most important woman icon in history into a minor role.

Remember the first time you had a vision drop into your head?

The gut message you couldn’t ignore. Or maybe you did.

What lingers in my mind about the women around Christ is they must have had a sign about Him long before arrival.

Meditation in isolation unleashes a different power, in my experience.

To make sense of my learned faith, I had to confront doubt, and my psychic center.

Mary Magdalene was closer to Jesus Christ than his male disciples, according to religious scholars.

It seemed to have rankled Peter.

Mary meeting Christ must have been a moment of supreme connection. She had to recognize Him. Must have been warned of His coming through prayer. To be close to this man… To sense the weight of His sentence through their conversations.

To see the disapproval of holy men at a time when women were seen as useless.

But yet Mary had something in her arsenal they couldn’t match. Perhaps she’d been told of His coming. In a vision, perhaps, without a male intermediary. Source spoke directly to her.

A download for the ages, if humanity could grasp the message.

The ultimate act of heresy was a woman who wasn’t supposed to be in touch with Higher Power herself.

There is power and revelation in isolation amid the demon face-off.

Meditation as a beacon.

When a person gets desperate enough, an uncovered mystery can lead to revolutionary discoveries. Trust comes first.

The law of attraction isn’t about money. It’s the way of mastery through the fire of lessons.