“When he returned to the sideline after a series in the first half, something felt out of place. He describes the sensation now as an “out-of-body experience” and a “spiritual moment.” Washington Post

DO YOU remember your first vision?

The day your instincts — your gut — drove you to a decision. The first time a coincidence seemed much more.

Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium,” talks to dead people on The Learning Channel. Viewers witness her uniquely healing gift.

No religious conduit required.

No holy man needed to facilitate the connection to Source. Mrs. Caputo calls it Spirit, and seems to have religious ties, although I’m no expert on her show. Her guests certainly do.

Is she for real?

Her adjectives and descriptions sound familiar to my own energy work which doesn’t include translating dead people to their loved ones. Thank, goddess.

The gift I discovered is the whip end of Caputo’s compassion, healing, and white light. Beyond the healing is shadows. The deep place where hard work is demanded to excavate purpose. The only reason we are each here.

The quote at the top of this piece is from an NFL player who had an epiphany on the sidelines when he received a message.

A moment when the cosmos cracks open and wisdom drops into your mind.

The ego is shut down for this instant.

But the cosmic superhighway isn’t healing. Source and spirit guides aren’t equipped to soothe. Nudges from beyond bring change.

To recognize an ending — a completed passage — is a miracle.

The psychic experiences in my life have been disruptive, sometimes terrifying, and often soul-shattering… Before getting to navigable ground.

Comfortable is not a state of being when working with psychic connections. In my experience, when breakthroughs happen I’ve been catapulted to a new realm of creative exploration.

Ask Theresa Caputo and her millions of devoted followers who watched her marriage dissolve. Most of her audience is a witness to the cosmic connection Caputo brings to someone else.

The validation from beyond delivered by Caputo confirms what people don’t trust themselves to find.

For Caputo’s clients, feeling healed from trauma is liberating. Letting go is freeing. But space is left behind.

It’s clear Caputo was blindsided by Source’s impact on her own life, as she helped people across the country, oblivious of what was happening in her own life.

This is a signature aspect of psychic work. Being surprised by something you didn’t recognize as a message for you.

Hollywood medium Tyler Henry has it easer than Caputo: He’s young, no spouse, no children.

As a life-long creative artist, the number of project endings I’ve had allowed me to hone gifts I’ve never understood.

Being shown things beyond what can be proven is one test.

Rejecting the architecture that puts man closest to Source is another.

Sometimes I wonder what my mother’s tortured life would have been if she’d explored her gifts. She was devoutly Christian, thus, so was I for a long time. She’d never talk in depth about being psychic, but I’m glad she warned me.

After the healing, Source is not about comfort. The only purpose of connection is a person’s higher purpose.

Next time you meditate, be certain of what you wish.

“I can become a witness to an event that might happen or has happened. Which one manifests is a surprise. It can also be foreshadowing. A trigger to attract my attention. For instance, I can warn someone about an event that might occur. But what occurs is a surprise in my life. I received the warning but didn’t realize it was for me. I’ve had this manifest and it can be…unpleasant. It can unmoor a person. Send you off course. Challenges your senses.” – Dr. Kate Winter (CITIZEN KATE)

Photo by Pono Lopez on Unsplash