Kurt Volker, a former envoy to Ukraine, testified before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday afternoon that he should have realized President Trump’s true motives in demanding that Ukraine investigate Burisma, a natural gas company that employed former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter. WASHINGTON POST

AS SERIOUS as impeachment is for all of us, the photo I’ve used above is representative of the lack of seriousness in which Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have taken their constitutional duty.

Last week, Ms. Yovanovich made us all proud.

Today, Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman made things worse for the president.

Ambassador Volker and Tim Morrison were Republican witnesses but they didn’t do them much good.

I watched every minute of Watergate and William Jefferson Clinton impeachment hearings, the latter I chronicled in an online column with half-a-million to one million daily readers. (They loved the “Lewinski scandal,” which was really the WJC scandal.)

Republicans during Watergate put country above party.

From the start of the impeachment hearings of Donald J. Trump, Republicans have elevated their cult leader over America.

“She walked out and hailed a cab.” – @AriMelber on @MSNBC Striking visual for me when Jennifer Williams walked toward her ride. (I was about to tweet this out when Ari Melber said it.) It’s isolating for women who stand up to Trump.