Democrats’ claim of victory Tuesday in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race, as well as the Democratic takeover of the Virginia state legislature, left Republicans stumbling and increasingly uncertain about their own political fates next year tied to an embattled and unpopular president.Robert Costa

IMPEACHMENT isn’t toxic in the American suburbs, so what will Trump do now?

They can’t stop the blue wave.

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Locally, Democrats will hold all five seats on the Delaware County Council, a Republican stronghold since the Civil War, and also assumed a majority on the legislative body in Chester County. In Bucks County, Democrats also held a late lead for control of the board of commissioners in a close race.

And in Philadelphia, a third-party insurgent candidate weakened an already marginalized GOP by securing one of the at-large City Council seats reserved for minority parties — a seat Republicans have held for decades.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden remains steady, and I’d bet governor-elect Andy Beshear’s victory in Kentucky will bolster him.

Beshear muscled blue-collar workers in Kentucky coal country to come back to the Democratic Party by talking about issues.

I’ve come to a conclusion on Medicare for All in 2020 and why Senator Warren’s plan doesn’t convince me.

Mayor Randal Woodfin of Birmingham, Alabama, was on “Morning Joe.” He said Democrats need to talk about Medicaid expansion before MFA is discussed.

Mayor Woodfin is correct, and he knows a lot more about this than most.

I’m reminded of the bloodless, scorched earth death match over Obamacare. It’s not the moment for another fight over the same issues.

Democrats who voted for Trump in 2016 are fleeing him.

Stoke the momentum.