It is true that the House alone has the power to subpoena documents and pressure people in the administration to come clean about wrongdoing, and that is how we’ve continued to learn more, increasingly sordid details about Trump’s wholesale corruption of American foreign policy. But at some point House Republicans will have to vote on articles of impeachment; shortly thereafter, Senate Republicans will have to decide whether Trump should be removed from office; and when it’s all over, if Trump survives, they will all have to answer to the voting public for participating in a humiliating, criminal degradation of the country. – Brian Beutler (Crooked Media)

THE ACCIDENTAL president has lost the thread. To escape his plight he’s attempting to normalize his mania.

Ukraine-gate stories morphed into an undercover foreign policy operation carried out by Rudy Giuliani. A man who’s reality challenged.

In front of cameras and an audience, Trump asked China to investigate Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, which is an impeachable offense and illegal.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska was incensed.

Every day Trump becomes more unfiltered. He thinks it will normalize his corrupt intent and betrayal of the oath of office he took.

He’s wrong.

People watched the Mueller investigation over two years.

The woman in Senator Joni Ernst’s town hall was foreshadowing.

Senator Romney deserves credit.

One Republican has chosen country over politics. One.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has an interesting Ukraine story to tell.

Wait until next week.


Photo: Melany Rochester, Unsplash