In the corner of the world Kate manipulated and controlled, she intended to stir up America’s conscience.  CITIZEN KATE (excerpt)

Amazon – October 29

There wasn’t another woman because flesh couldn’t seduce John Richards. He lusted after alliances and information. Preferred to watch, take mental notes and remember. Coercion came later. Leverage to use against people. A sickness with one degree of separation from extortion. Cultivated connections to more wealth through blackmail. – CITIZEN KATE (excerpt)

A PSYCHIC PROFILER, Dr. Kate Winter’s specialty is paranoid psychopathic narcissists.

Kate and her tight team have a new client, the United States of America. It will take all of their energies to fight the forces in power.

The way her psychic connection works, however, requires she cordon off her human emotions.

They interfered with answers she received before she’d dare ask the questions. When she gripped reality to control an outcome, her instincts were strangled. She trusted them to point her in the right direction.CITIZEN KATE (excerpt) 

Open channels of communication are required to ignite instincts that are separate from our desires. True instinctual nudges are meant to guide each of us in the best direction. It doesn’t mean the direction we’re guided toward is easier to make or free from conflict.

Steps on the path to the answer of a question may not be immediately satisfying.

Trust is required to take the full ride because one instinctual tug can lead you to another clue on the way to manifest your purpose.

But we live in the tradition world White men built.

So, a woman with psychic abilities and flawless instincts, which traditionalists contend negate her advanced degrees, is respected less in the halls of government, Congress and the wider world.

“My connections are deep and global. Kate’s connections are universal.” – Clay Zach in CITIZEN KATE (excerpt)

If you want to change the world and you’re a woman of vision. You’d be smart to partner with people who bridge the gap between traditional societal expectations and the mercurial world of spirituality, metaphysics, and the law of attraction.

Kate’s team work together to unravel President John Jefferson Richards’ plans.

She had a premonition about the new president long ago. Had her partner Clay Zach begin the investigation. Turns out, she was right about the president.

How do you stop the president of the United States whose reach is worldwide and whose greed and treachery threaten the country?

What I’m about to say is extra-constitutional. There is no crime because the target is a traitor...” CITIZEN KATE (excerpt)

The lure of savage power meets the determination of CITIZEN KATE.


Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash