“All roads seem to lead to Putin with you.” – Speaker Pelosi
Official White House photo, public domain

Meghan McCain, daughter of late Republican senator John McCain, questioned why “tough women who don’t put up with s—” get labeled as “unhinged.” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Tex.) commented: “Someone is definitely nervous and unhinged. But it’s not @SpeakerPelosi.” [Washington Post]

WHEN Speaker Pelosi met with Trump after the House voted 354-60-4 to spank him for the dereliction of his oath of office on Syria policy, a presidential meltdown ensued.

As you’ll notice from the photograph, which the president thought made him look good, Pelosi is the only woman at the table in a room of White men.

Evidently, the toddler in the White House didn’t like the House rebuke. Trump’s cowardice on foreign policy surprises no one. He doesn’t know the history, the region, or the players. Worst of all, the accidental White House occupant doesn’t think he needs to.

Our nation’s national security is under attack by the man who took an oath to protect and defend the constitution, its citizenry, and the country to whom he pledged his fealty.

On a personal note, the backdrop of my new thriller is the post-Trump era. He lingers into the future like the fetid smell of a decaying corpse.

A White nationalist president has elevated the darkest forces of our founding and embedded them into the twenty-first century.

Impeachment won’t be enough to secure our nation.


TM NOTE: Maryland became our home after four years or so in Alexandria, Virginia. A giant has passed over. Representative Elijah Cummings was a hero to his constituents and to voters in Maryland. A democratic political force and civil rights hero, he can’t be replaced. RIP, American patriot.