WRITING A POLITICAL thriller in the Trump era was…a trip.

As long-time readers know, the first three years I lived in the Washington, D.C., suburbs (Alexandria, Virginia) was spent in the audience of national security think tank lectures and attending small foreign policy forums, listening and learning from national and global experts.

Foreign policy is one of my passions. Weaving it through CITIZEN KATE became an adventure, as did the immersion of cultural rifts in a post-Trump age. The presidency of DJT hovers over tomorrow’s history.

An excerpt from my new disturbing political thriller, CITIZEN KATE, out at the end of October.

… American politics hadn’t been the same since Trump. People no longer argued points of view. Facts were countered with “alternative facts.”

Truth had taken a mortal blow.

After the forced civics lesson of the Trump era, a boomerang effect was produced in response. The result was as if history meant nothing and no one had learned a thing.

In the second presidential cycle of the post-Trump era, the election before Richards was the nominee, international players hacked the voting machines in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida. Cyberattacks shut down Michigan’s voting machines on election day. The attacks tracked to North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China. The Saudis had stayed out of the hacking cyberwar, consumed with internal battles over economic diversification, and the Kingdom’s modernization. 

During the next cycle, a conservative candidate had threatened to wrestle the nomination away from Richards. But he wasn’t prepared for the tactics of the populist Richards campaign or the loyalty of his alt-right supporters. Richards needed to close the nomination fight down. …

The events in CITIZEN KATE are fiction.

As a student of national security and foreign policy over many years, the Trump era offers exploitable fertile ground.

The vast sources for this novel include journalists, news programs, books, articles, blog posts, talk radio… It is an endless list.

The articles cited below acted as catalysts and a foundation for a creative journey through the political minefields of current times, as seen in the view of history.

I’m grateful to the journalists and news organizations that continue to fight for our country.

Truth matters, as does the president’s character.

A criminal president must be held accountable.

CITIZEN KATE is like no political thriller you’ve ever read.


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Top graphic by Annie Spratt on Unsplash