A Vanity Fair article summed up the controversy: Plame and Wilson were “at the center of controversy over President Bush’s bogus claim, in last year’s State of the Union address, that Saddam had tried to buy uranium in Africa. The Justice Department is investigating who leaked Plame’s covert status—a federal crime—to columnist Robert Novak, presumably as payback for her husband’s public suggestion that the White House’s intelligence was false.” (source)

WHEN I met former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, he and his former C.I.A. wife Valerie Plame, now running for Congress in New Mexico, were at the center of a political swarm.

Years later, during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign, Wilson and Plame sat down for an interview and we discussed foreign policy.

Joseph Wilson provided the blurb for my non-fiction book on the 2008 primary, The Hillary Effect. It was a gracious gesture for which I remain eternally grateful.

During the primary elections that pitted Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama, Taylor was the leading analyst of, and most articulate cries of the campaign to smear Ms. Clinton and ultimately demean her as ‘just a girl’ with a brush off the shoulder. Her book is a must read for students of that historic primary season.” – Joseph Wilson, former U.S. Ambassador

Joseph Wilson’s passing in September made me once again remember the many foreign service personnel who have done the same job without ceremony.

So, when foreign service officers of the State Department like Marie Yovanovitch take on Trump and his men’s club. I remember the reports about Ambassador Joseph Wilson standing up to Saddam Hussein.

When Saddam threatened execution for those harbouring foreigners in Baghdad, Wilson, already giving shelter to some 60 civilians, showed up at a press conference with a noose around his neck, saying “if the choice is between allowing American citizens to be taken hostage, or execution, I will bring my own fucking rope”. [Guardian]

We owe our diplomats so much.

R.I.P., patriot.