ONE OF Dr. Kate Winter’s recent visions left an indelible impression.

... The dead woman in Kate’s vision wouldn’t leave her mind. 
Messages to her from Source. Kate had forced herself to trust, although it was difficult when the vision was vague, with one object as a beacon.
For Kate, there was always an object. 
This time it was a dead
woman, and snakeskin stilettos.
The worst part of the whole experience for Kate was the vessel aspect. There was no way this would ever be normal. The surprise was maddening and dangerous. If she became vulnerable in front of the wrong people, it could cost Security One. Neither Kate nor Clay had come up with a risk management solution.
Some events can’t be foreseen. 

What makes this case difficult for Kate and her team is the client. Her country is under attack.

The United States of America is in trouble. Something has cracked. Norms obliterated in the Trump era continue to be ignored.

There is a criminal in the White House. But unlike Trump, his unruly predecessor, President John Jefferson Richards is disciplined.

Racial wounds of the Obama era haven’t been healed.

Two election cycles after Trump’s presidency combusted, White male angst has been exacerbated by the rise in the number of citizens of color in the country.

Nationalists had gone quiet after Trump, not silent.

President Richards came in with a plan that seduced politicians and voters he was more than a savvy businessman.

Dr. Kate Winter’s instincts drove her suspicions about John Jefferson Richards.

But where does the vision of the dead woman, and the snakeskin stilettos fit in?

When a flash drive is delivered from the United Arab Emirates to Security One, the confirmation Kate gets triggers more urgency to expose President Richards.

The depths of the president’s depravity, cruelty, and malicious intent ratchet up the stakes.

But what’s going on in the desert?

The lure of savage power.


Photo by David Lusvardi on Unsplash