“The actions taken to date by the president have seriously violated the Constitution,” she said after emerging from a meeting of House Democrats in the basement of the Capitol. Mr. Trump, she said, “must be held accountable — no one is above the law.” – New York Times

SPEAKER PELOSI had no choice.

From the Washington Post last night.

President Trump told his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to hold back almost $400 million in military aid for Ukraine at least a week before a phone call in which Trump is said to have pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of former vice president Joe Biden, according to three senior administration officials.

The reputation of the House had deteriorated as Trump continued to push boundaries because Congress refused to act. The Democrats in the House looked feckless.

We were at a constitutional crisis point.

The inflection point for our democracy had arrived.

Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee seeks an interview with the whistleblower on the Ukraine/Biden smear and Trump’s election interference scheme which was launched by Rudy Giuliana.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the liberal political world, and Twitter turned the heat up to scald on House Democrats. The reputation of Dems was on the line. But it took a threat against V.P. Joe Biden and 2020 to get Speaker Pelosi to move on impeachment.

Pelosi needed an exit.

Trump gave her one.