A South Carolina man who founded one of the nation’s biggest conversion therapy ministries has something to say: he’s gay. [AP]

MAKE IT stop.

I’ve been involved politically since I was young, but the man shown in the photo is intolderable.

Democrats care more about their jobs than the U.S. Constitution. It’s fecklessness.

A hearing to twist the White House into a Stormy Daniels knot?

Republicans, well… They’re worthless.

Meanwhile, the behavior of the accidental White House occupant has slipped measurably over the summer.

Our ‘paranoid psychopathic narcissist’ president has gotten worse.

If a woman had performed as badly as Trump she would have been impeached long ago.

Congress shrugs and chaos wins another calendar day.

Summer was wicked, beautiful, and now it’s gone.


Image credit: screen capture via MSNBC