“Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

THERE HAS been an assault on Mary Magdalene since the second century. It remains why women have fallen short on equality into the second decade of the twenty-first century.

It’s the most important story of womankind. One of faith, politics, and misogyny.

It’s the central reason men remain in power.

It’s also why the Republican Party has so few women leaders. The most virulent faction inside this political party remains terrified of women in power.

Evangelical audiences do not look kindly on efforts to twist the story of Jesus to fit a political narrative in service of today’s agenda of feminism.” – Jerry A. Johnson, National Religious Broadcasters (TIME Magazine)

It is tied to the story of Mary Magdalene and the vision she had which patriarchal religious leaders refuse to acknowledge for obvious reasons.

The rigid religious class in America, represented by numerous denominations that freeze women out of leadership, represent millions of people. They are led by men who won’t consider and can’t tolerate a woman as leader of a church.

This cycle is defended by men who prefer to rewrite history in their own image.

Taking them on is a risk, but if women want equality it must be done and liberated men must participate.

It is no coincidence that the rise of women running for president on the Democratic side came after the 2002 global pedophile priest scandal inside the Catholic Church. It was followed by many more. The evangelical Willow Creek Christians scandal. This year’s reports of Southern Baptist and United Methodist church scandals.

The reason we haven’t seen Republican women running for president is the most enthusiastic group of voters on the right believe women aren’t meant to lead.

It’s past time to reclaim Mary Magdalene, whose story was tainted and twisted. Perhaps by jealous men of faith who refused to accept the Lord would tell a woman something — in a vision, no less — He didn’t tell them first.

The world I explore revolves around the power of intuitive visions which we tap through our instincts via meditation. It’s a hop, skip and an effortless leap to imagine and embrace Mary’s “visions.” To consider they weren’t physical, as seen, but metaphysical as in channeled or received.

Karen L. King, whose writing on the Gospel of Mary is where the miracle of reclamation starts.

Peter himself had readily acknowledged that Mary was Jesus’ favorite among women and that there were occasions when Jesus had spoken with her when the other disciples weren’t present… He had asked Mary only to tell them what the Savior had said to her that the other disciples hadn’t heard, but the distinctive teaching she recounted didn’t come simply from conversation with Jesus during his life; she had had a vision of the Lord and received advanced teaching from him.” – The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, by Karen L. King

These intuitive visions are not automatic or consistent, and rely on intense discipline.

But women with vision are dangerous.

The fear and loathing of a woman who had a vision of the Lord and received “advanced teaching from him” is rooted in ego-driven masculine narcissism that has swallowed religious institutions whole.

This disease has spread to other institutions.

Engulfed the United States presidency, the federal government and the departments women and children depend upon for safety.

The confusion of Mary Magdalene’s identity, one woman or three, and the claim she was a prostitute, not the first disciple of Jesus comes from teachings of men who built the patriarchy we have suffocated under since the second century.

Men who have tried to champion women have faced pressure beyond what they could withstand.

The societal sickness of viscious attacks directed at women who yearn to lead our country can be traced to Mary Magdalene’s character assassination and the successful efforts of misogynist church leaders and their political followers’ efforts to amass power.

The efforts to control women have often overwhelmed what advocates can achieve on their behalf. The power used to force women into subservience has strangled progress.

This could not have happened without the acquiescence of women. For centuries, after church leaders cemented their power, women were made second-class citizens and controlled. They were property and couldn’t obtain wealth on their own. Less advanced nations than America perpetrate horrific crimes against women every day. Women of color have had to bear ten-fold the burden of white women.

Man’s battle to crush women’s independence revolves around his fear of power loss. An idea that cripples his ego.

Peter could not fathom, let alone accept, Mary Magdalene’s vision from the Lord and the message delivered to His “first disciple” because of the implications it had on society and man’s place as ordained leader.

Woman as inferior, a prostitute, a sinner… Follower meant to uphold man’s laws.

Peter’s betrayal of Mary is at the heart of the deepest wound of womankind.

It took twisted narrators to shred Mary Magdalene’s vision of the Lord and the message she received.

Meditation is a portal.

When humbled in prayer, we can receive messages.

The energies involved are mystical, transformational and appear like magic through your mind’s eye. Surprised, unnerved, and disoriented from the miracle, our faith confirms our truth.

As Mary’s story teaches, there will be a price for women who dare.

Her story means there is more to spirituality and faith than rigid misogynistic dogma passed down from one male to another.

Men rewrote Mary’s story to subjugate her so they could claim what the Lord gave first to a woman as their own.

Mary Magdalene’s miracle vision required no go-between.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash