“The impeachment dam has broken. More than half of House Democrats say they would vote to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, a crucial threshold that backers said will require Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reconsider her steadfast opposition.” [Politico]

PELOSI stood in front of cameras days before the August recess and showed her hand.

Her body language wasn’t the only thing to give the speaker away.

When asked if she was trying to “run out the clock on impeachment,” Nancy Pelosi mumbled into her chest, “No, I’m not trying to run out the clock.

She couldn’t look into the camera and lie, yet lie she did. Not a Trumpesque whopper, but a simple deception.

She continued: “Let’s try to get sophisticated about this, okay.”

This was Speaker Pelosi’s “sophisticated” strategy: Slow-walk the impeachment inquiry until August recess while she clung to the notion conservative and “moderate” Democrats would save her plan to kill it in the fall. All she needed was a Democratic presidential candidate to kill impeachment altogether and make November 2020 the only focus.

The weakness of Pelosi’s so-called “sophisticated” plan entailed ignoring the U.S. Constitution and what the founders intended which is a loser.

If we’ve learned anything by watching criminal Trump in office. It’s that our only sure offense against his fascist intent is the institutional structure set up by the founders.

Pelosi also underestimated the furor in the nation among Democratic base voters.

Her weak strategy was revealed through what happened once her Democratic caucus left Washington for their home districts.

One by one, Democratic representatives came out for the impeachment of our criminal president.

Brian Beutler of Crooked Media said it best today: Pelosi is thwarting the will of her caucus.

It’s a dangerous game.

Any person who thinks time can be stopped for another fifteen months is not fit for leadership.

Democratic voters in Michigan, many of whom cast votes for down-ballot candidates in 2016, left the presidential choice blank, and it was enough to put Trump in the White House.

Impeachment is what the founders intended for a president in office who has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and they gave the only power to hold POTUS accountable to the House of Representatives.

It is political malpractice for Pelosi to force the majority House caucus to not do their job in an election year.

It betrays the founders’ vision for our constitutional republic.

Leaders and political parties earn their power. Voters expect them to use it. When they don’t they are of no use to us.