Robert S. Mueller III’s longtime right-hand aide will appear beside him at the witness table during a hearing on Wednesday with the House Judiciary Committee to assist as needed as the former special counsel answers questions about his investigation, people familiar with the hearing said. [New York Times]

THE MUELLER Report was a slog to read and not even congressional members have read what’s in it.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Democrats.

It’s good news Robert Mueller will bring his top aide to both hearings.

After Barr’s letter attempting to muzzle him, it sent Republicans scrambling.

After the disgraceful lack of leadership from Pelosi on impeachment, it’s paramoun the members of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees rise to the occasion.

The Republicans will try to attack Robert Mueller, but their first job is to try to make the case that there was no evidence against Trump.

For those of us who listened to or read the Report, the one thing that was obvious is the evidence.

Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

Trump obstructed justice.

  • Pressured Comey to end Flynn investigation
  • Response to Russia inquiry
  • Firing Comey
  • Made efforts to remove Special Counsel
  • Tried to stop Russia investigation
  • Tried to impede public disclosure of evidence
  • Worked to get Sessions to take over inquiry
  • Ordered White House Counsel to deny Trump tried to fire Mueller
  • Trump’s actions toward Flynn, Manafort and other witnesses
  • Trump’s actions toward Michael Cohen

I’m praying Democrats come out of this convinced that the U.S. Constitution matters.

The president is not above the law.

The branch of government in charge of holding him accountable is the House of Representatives, whether Pelosi likes it or not.