A Portal, No Mindful Escape

“Energy is light and dark. It requires respect when you tap into where your instincts want you to go. The pull can overwhelm you. The draw to knowledge, however, is placed in the center of an abyss. It takes a mystic with a magician’s touch to unlock.” 

Dr. Kate Winter, CITIZEN KATE ©

A SOUL is meant to explore. We touch our nature through portals which beckon.

Our true nature won’t be ignored even in the presence of potential danger. We are drawn to what is teased through the doorway.

What we leave behind in our momentary urge to leap beyond boundaries is far from our mind. The risk of loss doesn’t permeate our desires to break the restraints and enter the portal of daring.

Messages of foreshadowing appear fuzzy. A statement of warning, a vision out of the ether, we can do nothing but experience that which we asked to learn.

Ignorant of calamity in the moment we break free to explore, to romp and to fall prey of dark forces.

For Dr. Kate Winter, her instincts lead to visions in puzzle format. Psychic pictures of one person collide with reality to begin Kate’s perilous journey to truth.

The characters in CITIZEN KATE live in an alternate universe where courage isn’t kept in a congressional pen, and making a difference means action without surety.

For Dr. Kate Winter and Clay Zach, this time the stakes are wound up in a national political battle. Along with Tack Marin, Trevor Kim and Callie Diaz, Kate and Clay enlist others eager to expose the rot inside Washington, D.C., and beyond the nation’s capital.

Post Obama era, things have changed in the country.

Trump ushered in a lawless, ever-expanding executive in the White House.

John Jefferson Richards was the next Republican president. He learned from Trump a lesson that will further remake America.

Keep your allies terrified, coddle your adversaries until they fall, and dispose of anyone in the way.

Dr. Kate Winter has disruption planned but part of the messages she received are unknowable because the answers are disguised. She knows how to rally women and has colleagues eager to help her but Kate must trust Source will deliver answers in time to matter.

Kate’s instincts unfold into a vision and cascade over fragments of clues which take her team and their mission into treacherous black holes of secrecy.

There is no mindful escape from the lure of savage power.

John Jefferson Richards was smarter than his predecessor, but their combined ruthlessness had taken America in a new direction. Since the Obama era, the world ran on uncertainty and risk at a moment when atmospheric energies were whipping up a cosmic cataclysm.