President Donald Trump raised a mammoth $36 million since officially announcing his 2020 reelection campaign last week. Trump raised $6 million alone at a fundraiser he attended at the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Tuesday. The seven-day total is double the entire first quarter fundraising total for Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose $18 million led the field of two dozen Democratic hopefuls. [CNBC]

THE ACCIDENTAL president was accused of rape by another woman. House Democrats are unmoved.

It’s not every day a man in power says he didn’t sexually assault a woman because she’s “not his type.”

Democrats should beat Trump in a walk.

House Democrats haven’t helped the Democratic image. Speaker Pelosi has acted as if she’s in the minority. Her feckless impeachment leadership came close to letting Trump walk into re-election without the proper pressure on his criminal presidency.

The subpoena sent to Robert Mueller by Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Jerry Nadler saved their reputations. If they hadn’t brought him in before August break… Mark your calendar for July 17.

The way it stands today, the Democratic nomination is Joe Biden’s to lose.

In 2016, I drove through Maryland counties near Washington, D.C., where I lived, and didn’t find one single Clinton yard sign.

It’s a long way before the first primary, but I’ve already seen Biden signs on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A state that voted for Larry Hogan twice for governor, and sent a progressive hero, Ben Jealous, packing.

Democrats on Twitter don’t get these contradictions.

This won’t be like 2016.

No one I’ve talked to in Maryland cares about Joe Biden’s segregationist gaffe. They don’t care he’s older.

People want someone who can beat Trump.

Is that Joe Biden?

Or will someone break out and change the equation?

No one has improved more than Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has found her inner performer and melded her with the policy wonk and advocate people know. She’s a different candidate than the person who took to the stage for Hillary Clinton.

Activists and progressives want a champion.

The way it stands today, most people want a political reset to something they recognize. This is working in Biden’s favor.

The media and his adversaries have lowered the bar for Joe tonight. A man who’s a competent debater, can connect with people, and reminds them of America before Trump.

One of the Democrats on the debate stage will have to take Biden down a peg.

They better not miss.