“We do believe that it’s important to follow the facts. We believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the United States. And we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up,” Pelosi told reporters in the morning, following a closed-door caucus meeting with Democratic lawmakers focused on impeachment. [NBC News]

TRUMP’S TANTRUM was trending on Twitter after the comment Speaker Pelosi made after a closed-door meeting with Democrats on impeachment.

A meeting between the accidental occupant of the White House and Democratic leadership, Pelosi and Schumer, on infrastructure didn’t happen.

Trump reportedly walked into the room and said he wouldn’t make any deals until they quit all the investigations stacking up about all things Trumpian.

President Whiner is an obvious despot wannabe.

Pelosi got the better of Trump today.

It doesn’t quiet the impeachment noise in the Democratic caucus. The old guard wants no part of it. The new Democrats, including AOC, think Trump has earned his place of infamy in the impeachment annals, however, she stayed in line after the caucus meeting this morning.

It’s a good day when Democrats beat Trump in a news cycle.

It won’t stop the voices on impeachment.

Speaker Pelosi is concerned about outcome on impeachment. It’s no way to lead. She said Trump is “goading” Democrats on impeachment. It was her offense on the subject and it boxed in pro-impeachment Dems and put them on the defensive.

The White House is stonewalling. Call it “cover-up” if you’d like, but they’re not producing documents committees need. Rep. Adam Schiff was blackmailed by A.G. Barr on not holding a contempt vote in order to get the full unredacted Mueller Report from him.

Barr also went out of his way to deride Pelosi by asking if she brought her hand-cuffs to an event.

You don’t sit on your hands today because of what may happen November 2020.

It’s never wrong to do the right thing.

Trumpists won’t. They must be compelled.

“I pray for the president of the United States, and I pray for the United States of America.” – Speaker Nancy Pelosi