Intuition has always been a vital part of human intelligence. It encompasses skills that have always been critical to human life. In a sense, intuition is responsible for the survival of the species. Its long evolutionary history has made it a deeply buried power of the mind. – Psychology Today

DR. KATE WINTER learns big data has nothing on instincts.

Facts bolster her “gut feelings,” but Kate works where skeptics, cynics, and the arrogant can’t reach.

Introduced in my latest thriller MAY BE FATAL, Dr. Kate Winter is a psychic profiler who operates outside traditional Washington, D.C., circles. In MBF, Kate’s instincts led her to follow a young woman who opened a portal Kate never imagined existed. She was schooled on what’s possible. Taught a lesson about surety.

The leap into unexplainable territory exhilarated Kate.

Kate’s inner voice is her guide. The facts can lay out a scenario but she has to wait until it’s confirmed by her instincts tapped through her subconscious. Part of her mind that connects with the collective.

It’s the only way she can explain her inconvenient psychic impressions.

Dr. Kate Winter has tapped into something larger. The power she derives from it opens doors. It also masks risks.

Sometimes you hatch a plan with potential to get away from you.

In my next thriller, Dr. Kate Winter isn’t the only woman putting her reputation and her life on the line.

Watch this space.

“Caution” photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash