HAVE YOU ever had a rush of energy with an aroma that transports your consciousness to another time?

For Dr. Kate Winter, her memory still acts like a trap.

But is it a trap or a door?

A psychic profiler.

A time puzzle.

Dr. Kat Winter had pulled off, then driven to a park off MD-301. A dull ache had moved from her neck to her forehead. It had intensified in the last thirty minutes. She took out a pillbox. Swallowed four aspirin with water. Closed her eyes again.
Minutes passed.
A loud crack.
Kate jumped.
Surroundings unfamiliar, she forgot where she had driven. 
A strong odor wafted through the window. 
Fetid and malodorous. 
The stench jettisoned her mind backward in time. She was in the kitchen at Riverbend Road. The Lily necklace zipped through her thoughts. 
She touched her neck. 
Her mind took off.
A necklace.
A memory.
The instant life changes.
Kate couldn’t breathe.
The odor again. 
Inside her car. 
Tried to banish the next thought. It commandeered her brain, body, and senses before she could shut it down. Clay’s voice over and over in her head. The mantra from long ago. You are okay… You are okay… You are…
But Clay wasn’t near, and Kate was not okay.
The aroma tripped the lock on her mind’s vault. A place where she stored remnants of dead cases, memories long banished. No good would come from a revisit.
Not her choice.

Kate’s life is in flux. An untraditional path has brought her to a place where she must be her own guide.

Her theories of intuitive impulses put into action to test what she knows but can’t prove.

It’s not a smooth path or a safe one. No guarantees.

Some doors should stay shut.