Thrillers Need Relationships
photo: Maryland’s waterways star in MAY BE FATAL.

DIALOGUE between strong women and the men who love them is the richest terrain.

“You’re asking my price,” said Philip, in the Netflix drama. Not a question, a statement.

“I’m asking what it will take,” said Queen Elizabeth II. Duty is first and she can’t do it without him. Divorce is not an option in their world. Partnership defines them both.

Every thriller I write includes a partnership or relationship for the female protagonist.

It’s what drives most of us. The quality of relationships we maintain.

Another piece of the puzzle is our relationship with energies we sense.

The way our intuition serves our personal needs… If we use it.

The relationship between Dr. Kate Winter and Clay Zach in MAY BE FATAL revolves around the work they do. She’s a behavioral profiler with psychic abilities she doesn’t trust and never puts before the facts of a case. He’s an ex-FBI agent who deals in the traditional world.

What happens at Riverbend Road in Maryland leads Kate and Clay beyond this world.

Events in their past around the serial killer Raymond Drake solidified their bond.

But for Kate, the past is never far away…