THE SWEEP of A Star Is Born under the direction of Bradley Cooper is the stuff of the Golden Era. The instant the blood red title punches through the vision of a woman walking away from the camera.

Connection, ego, and lust slam two souls together. A lightning strikes event.

Spike Lee’s BLACKkKLANSMAN is a punch in the gut to the very last frame. A zeitgeist reckoning. Damage done, it’s a question if karma packs justice.

Movies were the inspiration of my young life. I lived through them.

You, too? Yeah. No surprise.

The life I wanted and the fight to come hit me the day I saw Rocky. I’d see a movie once, then go back and sneak in to see it again and again. Once we moved to a suburb of St. Louis, the theatre was not far from home.

Roma was the surprise of the year. Alfonso Cuaron’s passion film is on everyone’s lips. It’s a beautiful homage, a dire reality for women. It’s not the best picture of 2019.

Since tonight is the #Oscars2019, I tried yet again to watch “Roma”.
It is the best over-the-counter sleep-aid available in the market.— Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) February 24, 2019

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, OSCARS, has strange tastes. Strides have been made since the shaming of #oscarsowhite. But comedy still doesn’t have its own category.

The fashion of OSCAR continues to draw my attention. How a woman dresses, the style of it but also what she’s saying. Vogue sits on my table. Vanity Fair, too.

Movies are miracles. The best storytelling on a subject that manages to hook people in and get them talking about it.

Films are our lives.

That’s why the gem Can You Ever Forgive Me? grabbed the spotlight. The story of Lee Israel’s forgeries combines human desperation and creativity to twisted ends.

Too many great films to name and praise.

That puts 2018’s haul ahead of the record $11.382 billion set in 2016, with over a week left to go in the year. It got more expensive to go to the movies, and ticket prices hit a new high, averaging $9.38 over the summer. But it’s not just the rising cost of admission accounting for the surge. Attendance is also up over 4% from last year. – VARIETY

No matter who wins the Best Picture. We’ll have a BluRay copy of A Star Is Born on our shelves. I can’t get over Bradley Cooper’s direction. It is OSCAR-worthy.

It’s not alone. #BlackkKlansman

NOW… Let’s talk about Widows. The kick-ass female badass storyline you’ll either love or hate. Gillian Flynn with Steve McQueen, led by Viola Davis.

More like this, please.