A Psychic Thriller, Danger Excavates Consciousness

A PSYCHIC PROFILER who works outside the system.

Dr. Kate Winter doesn’t call herself “physic.” The media made the decision.

Is it serendipity when her instincts are confirmed?

Prescience about a future event isn’t important until the process repeats and repeats…

It’s an omen.

“When we listen to our inner voice, what you call your gut, it teaches us to live beyond our brain. To allow our mind to consider options. To interpret signals. The force from the universe. We sense when something is wrong before we have the facts. Our brain trains us through what we are taught and remember from elders. Our mind deduces the risk-reward quotient. It is our entry into the collective consciousness if we dare to suspend our fears and disbelief.” – MAY BE FATAL © – Taylor Marsh

A trauma or bad act is compartmentalized, not erased. Imprinted on our consciousness.

Triggers rock reality.

We learn there are no safe spaces in a life lived on the edge.

Kate isn’t ready when MAY BE FATAL begins. Her work has taken her to the doorstep where her fears strangle her.

When we meet a moment meant to take us over the bridge of understanding to new territory it helps to be in good company.

The gateway to freedom is guarded by the ego which cares about nothing but its own power.

To see beyond our senses we must humble ourselves.

Some doors should stay shut.

At first I wasn’t sure about this book. It begins with short choppy sentences, stream of consciousness. It begins in 2009 with Raymond Drake and segues to the present with Amanda Stone, Jack Stone, Dr. Kate Winter, and Lily Case. I couldn’t quite figure out the timeline or exactly how these characters were related. Then the plot came together and things become clearer. Ms. Marsh’s characters are well developed over time. Kate is a strong likable heroine. The history between her and Zach begs for more. The ending is satisfying. I look forward to reading more of Taylor Marsh’s work. [5-star Amazon review by R. Robinson]

A Psychic Thriller, Danger Excavates Consciousness