A Psychic Peek Into the 2019 Thriller, May Be Fatal

Contrary to conventional wisdom, stunning evidence from the evolutionary sciences makes the case that we are more evolved than animals because we have more instincts, not less. In other words, your instincts are not dark and primitive, but rather they are ultimate problem solvers whose collective purpose is to help you do more than survive (today’s norm), but to help you thrive (today’s exception). [Psychology Today]

WHAT IF the universe sent you a message?

How would you know?

If you meditate, you may know the answer.

This thriller demanded an exacting timeline that only a whiteboard could decipher. The photo here is an early draft of how the characters in MAY BE FATAL weave through the action over years.

In meditative silence, we can experience messages from… Our higher self, a spiritual guide, or remember something through it rising in our consciousness.

Meditation opens a channel, perhaps.

It is a moment where questions you have can be answered.

Followed by synchronistic events that seem to mean something important.

But beware.

From an FBI Agent-Profiler in Psychology Today

But too often, we use these indicators to size up other people and we miss the real danger signs. In the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), Agent Profilers look for patterns of behaviors in an individual’s life to determine if he or she poses a threat. These patterns include evidence of concerning, threatening and dangerous behaviors. Whether the individual is well dressed, drives a nice car, or owns a beautiful home do not tell us if he or she might pose a threat.

When I was young, my mother used to warn me about certain girls in my circle. Beware of a betrayal, she said one day. Within days, a rumor started about me from the person she said to watch. Trivial enough, but it happened more than once.

As a devout Christian woman, my mother was uncomfortable with this subject. She ducked it when I’d push, but admitted she had experienced these types of things many times.

Because I’ve chosen a road few have traveled, my rebel experiences have exposed me to wondrous question and answer periods with the universe.

But how to trust what you intuit?

The characters in MAY BE FATAL are seeking answers.

Life events bring questions in a contagion.

Amid harrowing acts of brutality, only humans could imagine. Perpetrated by people cut off from Source, whatever your definition.

I don’t think about using my intuition anymore. It’s automatic.

Would you sense a threat? Trust your instincts over your mind?

Or is your mind troubled to the point that you can’t discern the ongoing tape playing in your head from something beyond trying to break through the noise?

In MAY BE FATAL, events spiral through characters to challenge what they believe, what they think they know, and what cannot be known, only experienced.

But again, beware.

Some doors should stay shut.