Top 10 Reasons I Became A Writer

I knew I had something to say that would matter to people.

Being intuitive is a gift that writing exploits in every possible way.

Experiencing darkness when young imprints on your soul, which can inform your artistry once you gather the courage.

My mind is a juicy, ancient cavern.

Teachings of faith are hardened by acts of hypocrisy, with the resulting understanding explosive when creating characters.

I’ve always had wild adventures, starring women, playing through my mind that no one else was writing.

What I wrote in my journal as a young girl revealed me as someone different from the performer everyone applauded.

People have always wanted to tell me their stories, a gift that would have been squandered if I didn’t translate the dialogue.

The women I wanted to read about were forged in the modern furnace of equality, but no one saw them as I did.

I am compelled to write, and nothing was going to stop me from being heard.

TM Note: Updated from 2017.