Dems Win House, Trump Loses It In Press Conference
photo via Jim Acosta on Twitter

Trump, this person continued, is “very upset” about the risks Don Jr. faces. “The president is very depressed,” this person said. (“Don never said any such thing, and there is absolutely no truth to these rumors,” said Don Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas.) – Gabriel Sherman [Vanity Fair]

A ROUT in the suburbs by Democrats has the accidental occupant of the White House in a presidential tailspin.

In a press conference after the midterm elections, a puffy, red-faced POTUS stood at the lectern. He walked in thinking he could spin the GOP loss. As questions were lobbed by reporters, his demeanor shifted gradually until he was pointing at reporters, calling African American Yamiche Alcindor “racist” for asking a question.

That was the beginning of the spectacle.

Then after Trump called Jim Acosta out in an embarrassing, egomaniacal belch, the White House mouthpiece Sarah Sanders distributed a doctored Infowars video of CNN’s Jim Acosta that was supposed to substantiate a charge against the CNN reporter for allegedly touching the intern who was instructed to take his microphone away.

“This is a test for all of us,” Acosta told Cooper later. “I do think they are trying to shut us down, to some extent, inside the White House press corps.” Acosta said he thought the suspension was also an attempt to “send a message to our colleagues.” [CNN]

Trump’s tantrum included name-calling Republicans who didn’t embrace him.

And while the press conference was in motion, John Kelly called Attorney General Jeff Sessions to inform him he was fired.

No one was surprised.

The person who temporarily replaces Sessions, Matthew Whitaker has a lot of baggage.

Today President Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and announced that his chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, would become acting attorney general. Whitaker is a former U.S. attorney in Iowa, but he was also involved in a Miami-based invention-marketing company the Federal Trade Commission shut down last year after calling it a scam. [Miami New Times]

This is the beginning of the unraveling.

In January, Democrats come calling but this time they’ll be armed with subpoenas.