Trump Goes ‘Men’s Rights’, Says ‘scary time for young men in America’

Speaking with Jeffrey Rosen, the president of the National Constitution Center, and Democratic Senator Chris Coons at The Atlantic Festival on Tuesday morning, Flake called the judge’s interactions with lawmakers “sharp and partisan.” “We can’t have that on the Court,” said the Arizona senator, who didn’t elaborate on which interactions he was referring to. [The Atlantic]

THE ACCIDENTAL OCCUPANT of the White House and his progeny have found a new tactic. So-called “men’s rights.”

Men who think strong women are a threat because they want to share power.

Men who fear being held responsible for how they treat women.

It’s a fig leaf.

It’s a rewrite of American culture, where white men have ruled since the United States was founded.

“Men’s rights” groups think feminism is the enemy.

Strong women who speak up for themselves should be feared.

Maybe that’s why the White House edited Trump’s insult to ABC’s Cecelia Vega out of the official transcript.

Protect your sons!

Protect Brett.

Boys and men don’t need to worry if they don’t get so drunk they forget at which party they sexually assaulted someone, or exposed themselves.

Senator Flake and a growing number of people in Washington, D.C. may think temperament, candor, and his partisanship is an issue.

Cynical Democrats would rather get a chance to impeach Kavanaugh.

The easiest path for Democrats to take back the Senate is through the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh.

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