Dr. Kate Winter Walks Into It

“Every single sexual deviation is overwhelmingly dominated by white males,” [Roy Hazelwood] says. “And most sexually related ritualistic crimes are committed by white males.” – Steve Michaud, interview with Roy Hazelwood, from The Evil Men Do

DR. KATE WINTER is a behavioral scientist.

She’s the strong female protagonist in MAY BE FATAL, my next thriller.

Degrees provide Kate entrance into the world of deception, crime, and murder. A student of serial killers who owes a lot to the original mind hunters.

Yet nothing can prepare her.

There is something she must face.

Strong women bring out the worst in weak men. It’s easy to miss when you’re partnered in a business venture. The more people involved the more complicated it gets, especially when you carry cases inside your head to remind you of the worst of human impulses.

When events take Kate off course, she’s forced to navigate through places meant to challenge fears long held.

There will be guides.

Unexpected introductions.

Dangerous side roads.

People who tempt Kate’s good judgment.

A man.

There is always a man.

Exploration is a way of life for Dr. Kate Winter but…

Some doors should stay shut.

We often find this out the hard way.

In contemporary society, with its fractured sense of community and hurried pace, a single killer can move quickly from place to place and across police jurisdictions, which habitually do not interact well with one another. In this environment, where strangers are commonplace the artful multiple killer-who is not necessarily intelligent, but usually is quick-witted and crafty-becomes a cipher, turns essentially invisible, and thrives. – Steve Michaud, The Evil Men Do

top photo: Sander Dewerte on Unsplash
backdrop photo: Lane Jackman, Unsplash