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A COLUMN written by Monica Lewinsky for Vanity Fair (March issue) is entitled “Emerging from the “House of Gaslight” in the Age of #MeToo.”

An excerpt (emphasis added):

I discussed this idea with psychologist Jack Saul, founding director of New York’s International Trauma Studies Program and author of Collective Trauma, Collective Healing. “Collective trauma,” he told me, “usually refers to the shared injuries to a population’s social ecology due to a major catastrophe or chronic oppression, poverty, and disease. While the events of 1998 in the United States do not fit neatly into such a definition, they may have led to some of the features we often associate with collective traumas: social rupturing and a profound sense of distress, the challenging of long-held assumptions about the world and national identity, a constricted public narrative, and a process of scapegoating and dehumanization.”

The “collective trauma” Lewinsky addresses is what happened when Harvey Weinstein was publicly exposed. A contagion of men pulled into the public square, so many known to us now. The women who spoke out subsequently proved the “collective” nature of the trauma.

In Olivia’s Turn, Hollywood cannot change fast enough for Olivia Stark to get what she wants. The only way for her is to create the opportunity for herself.

Sometimes taking a risk is the only move.

Ms. Lewinsky quotes Haruki Murakami, a renown Japanese author.

“When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” – Haruki Murakami

The storms Olivia face erupt after a decision she has made to make something happen in her life.

Olivia Stark’s Diary
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Most of the women I create in my fiction are at this moment. It’s perhaps the instant when free will meets fate because of timing. The combination of the two exerts a change of course that collides with other people.

When Olivia Stark drops into Las Vegas on a mission to meet the first African American woman in Hollywood to break into the men’s club she has no idea that her decision will become a journey into her own darkness because she meets a malevolent force that becomes a trigger.

The walk through a terrifying storm of self-discovery demands the fortitude of a warrior.

The collective experience, trauma, and liberation so many women feel, and Monica Lewinsky wrote about, resulted in HBO’s award-winning Big Little Lies and so many other stories.

Sometimes before women can figure out what to do they journal their thoughts.

In Olivia’s Turn, another young girl’s diary unfolds into a psychological maze. Olivia’s own journey makes her vulnerable to the diabolical thoughts she’s reading.

Be careful with this one.

Olivia can’t stop herself.