Harvey Weinstein’s Perp Walk

… I was hopeful Harvey would plead guilty, that his surrender was volitional, so that in addition to carving out a singular position of disgrace, he could come forward as the predator who walks out of shame onto a new path of humility, introspection, accountability and amends, thereby leading our men and country in the necessary and inexorable of trajectory of restorative justice. It seems that Harvey, though, will not be the person to do that, as he is pleading not guilty and still maintains, in the face of so many accusations that all sex was consensual. Denial can stand for “I don’t even know I am lying,” and it appears that is where Harvey still lives… – Ashley Judd [Time Magazine]

WHO WILL control the movies rights? Page Six spin has begun.

When a woman encounters a man who uses his male privilege to manipulate her the friction and tension of her resistance can provide the power dynamic that ignites his arousal.

“We got you, Harvey Weinstein, we got you”Rose McGowan

…and then came the news about Morgan Freeman.

Believe the women.

Put more women in power.