Stormy in New York

Sean Hannity operates at Fox News with few rules. He seemingly says and does whatever he wants, even when it embarrasses his own colleagues. With his high ratings come huge headaches for Fox. Case in point: Monday’s courtroom revelation about Hannity being a client of President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. … By any standards of any normal newsroom, the Cohen-Hannity relationship is a glaring conflict of interest.Brian Stelter

STORMY DANIELS and Michael Avenatti were on “The View” this morning. Ms. Daniels passed the normality test by triple digits.

Mr. Avenatti is the only adversary Donald J. Trump has come up against who has bested President Spanky with every move.

The sketch of the “thug” who threatened Daniels was released, along with a $100,000 reward.

The unfolded the day after Michael Cohen’s law practice took more fire. And Sean Hannity was revealed as Cohen’s third client.

Wait. What?

3 … “clients?”

Attorney client privilege may be less involved with the cache of documents seized from Cohen’s office in the FBI raid.

Stormy and her attorney were there to see it all. Compound the spectacle. Keep toying with President Trump’s ragged and raw nerves.

It’s kind of like what James Comey did in the Stephanopoulos interview on Sunday. The personal dissection Comey offered of Trump’s character, his ego, and his immorality go to the President’s persona. His precious ego. Comey knew the scalding criticism would make Trump nuts.

Causing Sean Hannity trouble and humiliation was a bonus.