Macros Positions France as Leader of Free World
photo via Twitter

“I haven’t seen anybody hijack the U.S. Congress the way Macron did since B.B. Netanyahu.” – David Ignatius [“Morning Joe”]

SOMEONE MUST lead the free world, and it cannot be the American president. The E.U. leadership is up for grabs, with one name on everyone’s lips today.

French President Emmanuel Macron has perfected the difficult terrain of President Trump‘s precious ego, and positioned himself and his country as the preeminent “special relationship” of America, while laying down beliefs in front of a joint session of Congress that eviscerated Trump’s world view.

Macron has made Germany’s Angela Merkel‘s visit on Friday much more fraught.

The sly French leader revealed spectacular handling of the American president, with his country watching, likely uncomfortably, as he seduced the egotist in the White House.

For Macron, it could not have gone better. His speech to Congress was a tour de force.

The world is changing.

America in the age of Trump is being left behind.