Dark Thriller: Ambition, Arousal, and Murder

Eighteen years after Miramar, the latest community of women to emerge—to find life-changing strength from standing together and speaking out—is comprised of all those who have been breaking their silence about #metoo. Journalists ruptured the dam, but social media—and a newly energized group of determined women—created the tsunami that may yet bring about genuine change. … “The patriarchy is toppling as we speak.” [Vanity Fair]

WHAT IS to become of Olivia Stark, adolescent superstar? She just hit 25 and isn’t the youngest in the room anymore. We all know that feeling but few make a living on the difference.

Women are put in a box, labeled, defined, and held static, while men fail upward.

Olivia won’t wait around.

Olivia Stark’s smartest gamble is mega-producer Vivika James, the first African American woman to break into the men’s club in Hollywood.

Meet Olivia Stark.
Read her Diary

There is one challenge. Maybe, two…

Olivia and Vivika had a great time partying in Las Vegas but then there was the mugging… and that other thing… but Olivia never calculated she’d be dragged into a young girl’s tortured musings about sex and men that leads to a confrontation with a savage force of nature.

What began as a desperately crazy and staged audition morphs into a horror show once Vivika hands Olivia the diary of Betty Baker, which tracks with a film Vivika is producing.

Ensnared in an attempted murder investigation, all that matters to Olivia is who attacked Vivika James? Some day Olivia will have to come clean with Vivika and it will be better for her if she can explain what happened.

Do you believe one moment can change your life? A moral test somewhere in the journey surely awaits.

A handsome Las Vegas fixer walks in.

The next moment your intuition and gut scream out. Would you trust yourself? It doesn’t matter because you can’t help yourself.

Danger and lust, murder and savagery… Life and death get our attention.

There are moments in life…

There are people we meet…

The Law of Attraction gets triggered.

People we didn’t invite into our sphere sucked into our orbit by the force of synchronistic events.

The fate of nature. Time reveals old wounds.

Inside the Olivia’s Turn, two women collide. A fated meeting. Through their tormented dance a psychological thriller unfolds and washes over reality.

Separate savage memories become a bond.

Be careful with this one.