Trump distracts with Rocket Man, but Stormy Daniels payoff not going away

THE DECISION was made while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was sleeping.

The Pentagon wasn’t read in but at least Trump invited Secretary of Defense Mattis to attend the impromptu meeting hastily cobbled together without our allies or our national security apparatus involved.

“In a lot of ways… This felt like the transgender announcement… Where no one here at the Pentagon had any idea what was going on. …” – Hans Nichols, NBC New Pentagon correspondent

Unlike every president in recent U.S. history, Trump gave away a meeting to the North Korean war criminal without a deal in place on behalf of U.S. interests.

So, what’s going on?

Let me take you back to the State of the Union. First Lady Melania Trump was reportedly livid about the revelations of her husband having an alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, not long after Mrs. Trump gave birth to their son. Trump denies, denies, denies.

For a reality TV star like Donald Trump, it’s always about the next day’s headlines. The next moments tweet. Disrupt, distract, and disable the conversation of the moment, which is the potentially lethal payment to Stormy Daniels very late in the 2016 campaign season.

Then Stormy Daniels sued Trump. From Business Insider

  • The suit further argues that Trump “purposely did not sign the agreement so he could later, if need be, publicly disavow any knowledge of the Hush Agreement” and Daniels.
  • The suit accuses Cohen of intimidating and coercing Daniels into signing a false statement in January denying that she had an affair with Trump and received hush money. Daniels had previously expressed skepticism about the statement, saying in an interview with the late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that the signature on it “doesn’t look like my signature, does it?”
  • The suit contains a copy of the nondisclosure agreement that shows a blank line where “DD” was supposed to sign.
  • The NDA also includes a reference to “certain still images and/or text messages which were authored by or relate to DD,” raising the possibility that Daniels may release photos or texts related to Trump if the court voids the NDA.

“Photos or texts related to Trump…”

Hey, Donald, John Edwards is calling and he’s got some advice for you.

From the New York Times

“There is every reason to believe that North Korea is attempting to blunt sanctions and secure de facto legitimacy for its nuclear weapons program with this gesture,” said Michael J. Green, a former Asia adviser to President George W. Bush, speaking by telephone from Tokyo.

Evan S. Medeiros, an Asia adviser to President Barack Obama, said that any direct talks would elevate Mr. Kim and legitimize him. “We got nothing for it. And Kim will never give up his nukes,” Mr. Medeiros said. “Kim played Moon and is now playing Trump.”

Kim Jong Un will not give up his nuclear weapons.

Trump needed Stormy Daniels off the front pages.

Ms. Daniels is potentially as dangerous to Trump’s presidency as Erik Prince in the Seychelles with the Russian.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney used his Trump Organization email while arranging to transfer money into an account at a Manhattan bank before he wired $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence. The lawyer, Michael Cohen, also regularly used the same email account during 2016 negotiations with the actress — whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford — before she signed a nondisclosure agreement, a source familiar with the discussions told NBC News. [NBC News]