Playboy Bunny Sues AMI to Speak Out on Trump Affair

In an email to The New York Times, her new lawyer, Peter K. Stris, accused A.M.I. of “a multifaceted effort to silence Karen McDougal.” … “The lawsuit filed today aims to restore her right to her own voice,” he said, adding, “We intend to invalidate the so-called contract that American Media Inc. imposed on Karen so she can move forward with the private life she deserves.” – Jim Rutenberg [New York Times]

TALK ABOUT “bimbo eruptions.”

Understand that non-disclosure agreements that muzzle a woman to protect a man always allow the boys to talk trash about former [alleged… cough–cough] lovers.

It gets rough when a woman passed a lie detector test.

More from the Times

Their stories first surfaced in the The Wall Street Journal four days before the election, but got little traction in the swirl of news that followed Mr. Trump’s victory. The women even shared the same Los Angeles lawyer, Keith Davidson, who has long worked for clients who sell their stories to the tabloids.

Ms. McDougal negotiated with the country’s leading tabloid news provider, A.M.I., which is known to buy and bury stories that might damage friends and allies of its chief executive, David J. Pecker — a practice known as “catch and kill.”

Ms. McDougal’s legal complaint alleges that she did not know about the practice, or about Mr. Pecker’s friendship with Mr. Trump, when she began talking to company representatives in spring 2016, shortly after Mr. Trump locked up the Republican nomination.

Few things are more important to women in the workplace than abolishing non-disclosure agreements to shut them up.

The list is long for women, and for taxpayers.