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Keeping him will be a fight for her life.

Sexy M.F. Series

To all her friends, Vivienne Banks is affectionately known as ‘Cautious Viv.’ An over-analyser to the extreme. None of them know why, exactly. But her father’s death and her mother’s addictions seem the likely cause.

For Vivienne, trust is everything.

Mike had taken the time to earn her trust, but as their relationship grew, his controlling behaviour began to suffocate her, deadening her heart.

Despite this, Mike had become Vivienne’s safety net… until an encounter at work sparks a deep awakening even she can’t ignore.

Out steps a tall, dark-haired man who is, without doubt, the most handsome man I have ever seen. His broad shoulders shrug a little while he smooths his jacket, adjusting his cufflinks. Just that action alone has me transfixed.

“Wow! He. Is. Gorgeous.”

Maxwell Foxx isn’t easy to ignore. Effortlessly handsome, with the bluest eyes and the sexiest smile. And oh…that body. The man has sexy in his DNA.

But for Vivienne, an incurable romantic at heart, would her cautious nature ever consider love at first sight?

Hell no! That would take months of planning.

So, why can’t she get him out of her head?

He’s like an opiate, an anodyne, spellbinding and hypnotic.

News of Mike’s betrayal hits Vivienne hard.

He’s broken her trust, killing it stone dead. There’s no going back.

As her love life hits the rocks, Vivienne hits the bar with devastating consequences…

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