Bannon Subpoenaed, Makes Deal with Mueller to Testify

Steve Bannon has struck a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team and will be interviewed by prosecutors instead of testifying before the grand jury, two people familiar with the process told CNN. He is expected to cooperate with the special counsel, the sources said. The sources did not say when the interview will take place or if the subpoena would be withdrawn. [CNN]

THERE has a been a deal made between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Steve Bannon, after a subpoena was delivered.

Mr. Bannon remains under subpoena, according to reports, from House and Senate committees.

The White House is brandishing executive privilege as far as it will take them.

“[Steve Bannon] quickly informed, through his counsel, the committee he was not going to answer questions that pertained to meetings, conversations, events, etc., that took place either during the transition or while he was part of the administration. And what’s more, we would later learn that would be extended to even after he left the White House,” Rep. Adam Schiff, the committee’s top Democrat, told MSNBC. – Betsy Woodruff [The Daily Beast]

The performance of Steve Bannon will shift in the second act, should he not satisfy the prosecutors on Mr. Mueller’s team. When in front of a grand jury, Mr. Bannon will unleash testimony that will torch his quotes in Fire and Fury. He will not go to jail for anyone. I’m not sure what he could have on Jared Kushner because they were always adversaries vying for attention.

Speaking of Javanka, make sure you check out the You Were Warned Mrs. Rupert Murdoch Might Be A Chinese Spy story. I wonder if the action on this front is with Attorney General Schneiderman in New York… The Daily Mail earned a link to their version of the drama.

President Trump can’t stop events. This fact has gone unacknowledged because his lawyers are representing a narcissist who can’t be reached through normal communications. Trump hears what he wants to hear. This will go on until his own interview. Mr. Trump has been deposed many times before. If he lies with Mueller or his team, the President will find himself in a world he won’t recognize.

Steve Bannon is a witness. Until the subpoena from the Office of Special Counsel is pulled, the grand jury awaits should he play games with Mueller’s prosecutors.

Officials investigating the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election are scrutinizing newly uncovered financial transactions between the Russian government and people or businesses inside the United States. Records exclusively reviewed by BuzzFeed News also show years of Russian financial activity within the US that bankers and federal law enforcement officials deemed suspicious, raising concerns about how the Kremlin’s diplomats operated here long before the 2016 election. [BuzzFeed]