Predator Roy Moore & ‘Jew’ Attorney v. The Democrat

Have you ever traveled down a dirt path in rural southeast Alabama in December and arrived at a barn in the woods to find Steve Bannon, Representative Louie Gohmert, Sheriff David Clarke, Roy and Kayla Moore, a woman performing an interpretive dance in front of a tree, and several inflatable alligators? – Olivia Nuzzi [New York Magazine]

DON’T YOU feel much better now that Kayla Moore, wife of child predator Roy Moore, has announced their lawyer is “A Jew”?

Happy Hanukka to you too, Mr. and Mrs. Moore.

The polls for the Alabama Senate race are all over the place.

Nobody knows what will happen.

It’s a 50-50 race… until the voters weigh in.

Don’t count Alabamians out.

“Dear Alabama” is trending on Twitter. The tweets are amazing to read.

UPDATE: Doug Jones wins the Alabama Special Election.