Olivia and the Abducted Girl: Be Careful, A Mind Can Seduce
Coming January 10

IT SEEMED liked a good idea.

Olivia Stark had something to prove. She had been the highest paid teen actress in Hollywood. That was yesterday. Now she was in her mid-twenties and there was no time to waste.

So, she hatched a plan.

It resulted in a collision between two difficult women. Strong women. One who wants to be good. The other who is bad down to her soul.

Soon after Olivia strutted into the Las Vegas casino, events exploded in her face.

Being inside a young girl’s head was hypnotic. A witness to how her mind worked. Other times the intimacy of it frightened Olivia. Whoever this girl was, she’d played a part in why and how she was abducted. The girl touched a place inside Olivia that had been closed off. A place she didn’t want to revisit.

The relationship between mother and daughter is precious. It can also be fraught with complications, competition, and collateral damage from the past.

A father can be a witness, a champion, or an enabler for what goes wrong.

Family is complicated. When it’s frayed and fractured, the damage can be lethal.

Olivia takes a risk for a big reward. She gets entangled in a psychological maze. Her past rushes through to bring identification with a malevolent force so unhinged she threatens everything Olivia has worked to manifest.

She smacks up against her own demons, as Olivia faces a devilish threat.

A man walks into Olivia’s life at a moment when she is at her lowest. She was caught in the wrong place, wrong time. The aftermath a threat to her entire world.

Olivia can’t get distracted. Her career has stalled and she has to reverse this trajectory or lose everything she has built. Yet one decision has thrown her plans into the shredder, and compromised her life.

How far would you go to get what you want?

Mind games start. Torment becomes the seduction.