Poll: Democrats Take Lead on Economy, Taxes But…

That is the Democrats’ first lead on this question in the poll since February 2013 (right after Barack Obama’s second inauguration) and their largest advantage on the economy since July 2009 (months into Obama’s first year as president). Additionally, Democrats now enjoy a 4-point edge on which party better handles taxes, 33 percent to 29 percent — their first lead on this issue in four years. “We’ve been having a major tax debate for two months, and [it] hasn’t strengthened the Republicans’ hand,” said McInturff, the GOP pollster. [NBC News]

THE REPUBLICAN TAX HEIST will be a headache for Democrats in 2018 if they can’t figure out how to sell the economy on their own terms. If we look back at 2010 (or 2016) as an example, there is a reason to worry.

I’d also suggest Democrats, progressives and independents peruse the history before 1998. Impeachment talk and a rabidly anti-Clinton Republican onslaught delivered wins for Democrats, losses for Republicans.

People vote on their emotions. They vote their interests, too. And in 2016, the Democrats ran against Donald J. Trump, while he made the campaign about the Democratic nominee.

If Robert Mueller is fired, impeachment will have emotional power for 2018.

Otherwise, Democrats must keep their eye on voters’ wallets, their future financial prospects, and the fact that people’s kids and grandkids may not have a social safety net by the time they need it.

Democratic advantage on the economy and taxes means they have to deliver a message on these items in 2018. Something they haven’t been successful doing in years.